Has anybody seen my lady willy?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by snapdragon, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. It seems to be defective.

    In other news, my best friend passed the RAF medical today. But how come the Crabs get all the squatting and coughing and prodding, and the modern potential matelot gets a rub on the back and glance at the knees? Not that i'm complaining, mind. Hearing test?? I've got tinnitus.
  2. havent seen your lady willy and if i did i would porb be jealous

    As to the medicals its always been the same "two arms two legs one eye you'll do "
  3. If you need a hand looking for it , give me a shout , mmmmmm :???: :wink:
  4. I can virtually see your 'ex''s lady willy, Dondon! You must have a collection of photos of daunty lasses. None with faces, oddly.

  5. She let her face be shown when she was a Nun , mmmmmmmm , a bit shy now though , ah bless , :oops:
  6. Oh yes, i remember! You must be a catch for her to have broken her vows of celibacy ;)
  7. I dont like to brag "Snaps" , :wink:
  8. So modest!
  9. I know I cant help it , :wink:
  10. Always here to help you find it, able and willing at all times never say no to a beautiful lady when in need.
  11. Perhaps you should contact the cock removing doctor from another post. He may be able advise you.
  12. Didn't Rosie have one all wrapped up in clingfilm on another post??
    Could this be your's??
  13. I seem to remeber canaldrifter was available both for search parties and for sea time experience as well.

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