has anybody had to lose weight?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by seafruit, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. hi i was wondering if anyone was told to lose weight before reapplying?
    i applied last year and weighed in at an impressively embarrasing 87kg thinking i was in good shape. im 5 ft 7" so i thought id get by. but the doc at the medical said that the required weight was 76kg and i should come back when id lost the weight. since then ive lost about a stone and a half (im 79kg) and my time for the pjft are better than ever. before i d run it in about 14.30 mins now im doing it in 13.15mins. so is the weight really that much of an issue? and any tips or advice for getting ready for the pjft?
  2. Just keep running and make sure you can do the 2.4km in the allocated time before you have you're PJFT. Keep losing weight as well. When you're doing the 2.4km any excess weight you have is going to act as a drag factor making the 2.4km more difficult.

    On the day of the PJFT make sure you do good stretches and have a good warm up, and most importantly, drink plenty of water.

    Good luck!
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You are not allowed to take the PJFT until your have been passed fit by the medical officer, for obvious reasons, such as excessive stress on the heart or and underlying health problem which could be exacerbated. I'm afraid weight is a critical issue & is directly related to overal fitness.

    What you could do is see your own GP for assistance in determining a healty diet plan & fitness regime that suits you. Swimming in particular is an excellent non-impact Cardio Vascular exercise which supports body mass & avoids joint injury.

    You've done very well so far, so don't give up.

    The very best of luck to you, it really is worth it.
  4. i understand why the doc cant declare me fit but its a real pain when you've got itchy feet and im dying to get the ball rolling again. i suppose they say patience is a virtue and all that. im doing my time for the pjft well enough but im going to keep at it because i think thats what they'll advise me to do anyway after ive done it and before raleigh.(plus im really enjoying the run). i know that when you get to raleigh you hav to do a swim test too. i can swim ok and tread water for 3 or 4 mins but in overalls sounds a bit trickier? and gettin out of the pool might be a bit ungraceful. any pointers? sorry about the whinging btw.
  5. Why state you are 87kg then state you have lost a stone.

    I am still on stones and lbs it is all very confusing :whew:
  6. Good effort losing the weight! Imagine running along carrying four 2kilo bags of sugar, and then imagine the stress it puts on the rest of the body. The fact that you're now enjoying the run means that you're appreciating the benefits!

    Actually, many people find swimming in overalls easier as it adds buoyancy. It isn't a speed swim so you can go at your own pace and they will show you the correct techniques for staying buoyant before you do the swimming test at Raleigh.
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Obviously you can't swim in your local pool with overalls, however swimming a few hundred metres then lifting yourself out of the side of the pool, without using the steps/ladder is equally as difficult & constitutes a good safe workout.

    (Apart from the risk of drowning of course.)
  8. i prefer use stones and pounds but the doc used kilos and im damn sure im not gonna be turned down again because of my weight so im using both. it comfusing sometimes but it keeps me thinking bout the numbers. i think iim more than a little obssesed with it :D
  9. I was the heaviest on the intake. Heavy into power lifting weight training etc. Major ****** used to get me up on the rope to demonstrate to the group how to perform a regain and then comment on my size. If he can do it so can you.

    P.J.I. at Abingdon thought if I was last out on the stick of sim eight I would be first on the deck because of my weight but it never happened.

    Are they looking for slim Jims these days?
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Whilst allowances are made for bulk muscle mass, through weight lifting/power lifting & frame size, this tends to be more of an issue with Commandos & RN Divers, rather than female RN entrants.
  11. I'm not sure what my recommended weight is (I'm male, 6 foot 1) but since the start of summer I've gone from 115kg to 89kg and falling, and that's including a month of not exercising due to a home move.

    I can certainly sympathise with you seafruit - my belly, lovehandles and arse/thigh flab don't seem as keen to bugger off as the rest of the fat was!

    With time though I hope to be svelte enough to follow my application form into the pillar box.
  12. Body weightgone down ,bubba...? You had a BMI check recently ? If not exercising ( as seems) , likely loosing the ol' muscle rather than fat....bit obvious, but emphathise as one who fights the good fight with the inch war.....it's horrendous, two weeks of no gym and all starts to go south...

    May I proffer some suggestions-they may help, take or leave what you like:

    Stick to carbs brekkie and lunchtime, none after 6pm.
    Protein after exercise and evenings ( chicken, meat and semi-skimmed milk as you're a blokie), protein and veg galore at night...oh, and almonds- keeps up calcium levels for good bones.

    Also, house move, one of the most stressful things ( in civvie street anyway)- so are you eating/drinking extra for comfort and pleasure....? I can hear the guffaws from here, but seriously, check your snacking.... if must, try a bit of cheese and apple or some nuts and banana....and writing out feelings around stressful times , then burning the paper can help....cathartic cleansing my lovely..
    Remember possum, ' My body is a temple, except when being treated as a bedsit'.
    Personally, I sway between the two.
    Good luck !
  13. Feelings? What are they then?

    Luckily I was never a snacker - hoovering up immense amounts of rice and pasta and not exercising at all was my route to the sweaty kingdom of flab, before I changed my ways.

    Good point about the BMI check though, might be useful to work out my ideal weight.
  14. Just a bit of advice for all Officer applicants, DO NOT LIE on your health questionnaire. If you're overweight, you'll get a phone call from a very helpful sort telling you to lose weight and you'll get a target weight for your post-AIB medical. If you're very overweight, then you'll get a letter and you won't go near the AIB until you've reached your target weight, and it'll require a letter from the doctor stating your weight. Some people seem to think that if they add a few inches to their height and shave a bit of weight off that they won't get found out.

    Honesty and hard graft to shift any excess weight is the best policy.
  15. I had a serious RTA which was a blow as I ran Half Marathons in the Army. Anyway...due to being unable to walk unaided for 10 years I piled weight on....and taking steriods prescribed by the Dr.

    I went from 140lbs to 300lbs and it seemed that the more I got depressed the less I wanted to get out of the chair to lose it.

    Anyway...luckily for me I met a fantastic guy who is a PTI in the Army and he took pity on my battered and bruised body and set me the task of losing weight and exercising. The first thing he did was to make me strong enough to come of the crutches...and now 4 years later...I am 90% back to the old me.

    I am now 150lbs at 5ft 7" and I work out for 90 minutes a day. It is a case of eating sensibly but you are allowed to have the odd treat as without them you would end up snacking and falling of the wagon and then to go into the gym everyday. I don't do heavy weights but repertitions and whilst I cannot run due to my injuries I can look at myself with pride.

    So keep up the good work and keep us posted of your weight loss.
  16. Im looking forwards to my AIB in 5 weeks, and when0 I applied, I weighed in at a staggering 106kg (17.8 st).

    I was told that I needed to be down to 90kg for my AIB (about 14 st)

    Its 5 weeks to go, and I've managed to get down to 94.5 (14.8) - I've lost 3 stone since I started, and my running has gone from not being able to run 500m to running 2 miles in 18 mins. (Its not quite the 11.13 for 1.5 miles, but its a hell of a lot closer than it was).

    Its just a simple fomula - burn off more calories than you are putting in - its a garunteed weight loss programme.

  17. I have my AIB in 6 weeks and have been told nothing about weight loss and being a 100kg 5'9" male I am now worried.


    I only have this chance as I am old!!!!

  18. gbanger....carry on worrying like that and you'll soon lose 10-15k in 6 weeks!! :w00t:
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You will have a medical examination at AIB. You will be advised of your target weight if over.

    There's not a lot anyone can do to actually 'help' however you could ask to see the Medical Officer at your local AFCO, via your Careers Officer, to see if they can advise you beforehand, if you think it will be an issue.
  20. Was aware of the medical just not weight restrictions. Don't think it will be a problem to me just a case of a small diet adjustment (no chips) and of course the worry(cheers stripey) and that should sort it! More shock and panic than real worry as the more I read here the less I feel I've been told and know. Plus don't really have careers officer at the moment as mine is in the process of being replaced.

    hay ho such is life!

    Off on an extra long run before Rugby training to get over the new found lack of chips in my diet!

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