Has Alan "Abba" West met his "Waterloo"?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ctfairway, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. In today's Telegraph. Does this have anything to do with his Ministerial duties??? What is the public interest??? At least he cant be accused of being boring!!!

    Admiral West denies affair with Abba singer

    When Gordon Brown chose a "government of all the talents", he selected a new anti-terror chief with a heroic military background, a formidable intellect and a knowledge of the vagaries of Westminster.

    But within months the Prime Minister has found, to his embarrassment, that Admiral Lord West of Spithead also has a talent for attracting controversy.

    The minister for security has been forced to deny extraordinary claims that he was having an affair with "the brunette one" from 1970s group Abba, after it emerged they had been friends for the past year.

    Amid gathering rumours, high level sources sought to divert attention by revealing that Lord West had admitted "some years ago" to an infidelity during a routine vetting procedure - but emphatically not with the Abba star.

    Questions over Lord West's private life emerged only a month after he seemed to contradict the Prime Minister's stance on detaining terror suspects, before performing a swift about-turn.

    Last night Mr Brown was again left embarrassed, and presumably bewildered.

    Rumours about the nature of Lord West's unlikely friendship with Anni-Frid Lyngstad have been sweeping Westminster. It is understood that the minister, married for 34 years, met her at a charity event in London last year. Mrs Lyngstad emerged from her home at the Swiss resort of Zermatt to deny a sex scandal with a British government minister.

    The 62-year-old Norwegian, who became a millionaire in a 10-year career with Abba, said: "There is no relationship, absolutely not. I am innocent. Alan is innocent. We are friends. There is no relationship."

    She said she felt sorry for the minister's wife, Rosie, with whom he has three children.

    Lady West is a painter who eschews the limelight and is described as being "as unlike the popular notion of a senior officer's wife as it is possible to be".

    Her husband was equally firm in his denial of wrongdoing with the Abba star.

    He told a Sunday newspaper: "All I'm going to say is I'm not having an affair with her.

    "I know her, and I've known her for a couple of years. I'm not trying to be difficult but I just don't like talking about my private life.

    "I have a job to do which I'm trying to do very hard for the Government, and that seems to me to be the right focus."

    Lord West, 59, was appointed as a Home Office minister in June with responsibility for advising the Prime Minister on the terror threat to Britain.

    He embarrassed Mr Brown last month by questioning the need to hold terrorist subjects for more than 28 days, a view at odds with the official Government line.

    Just over an hour later, after a visit to Downing Street, Lord West said he was convinced of the case.

    He later claimed that he had not changed his mind, saying as a "simple sailor" he had not chosen his words well.

    Friends say that Lord West is a bon viveur, fond of good wine, good food and good chat.

    But the spotlight has turned on his private life, and all the pictures of the former First Sea Lord enjoying himself at official functions, wearing a party-piece eyepatch, are coming back to haunt him.
  2. Bluddy Orficers !! Got to her before me ........ :sad1:
  3. He's really hacked off some of them....they are trying to sleaze him with their own :toilet: brush :rendeer:
  4. Why is he denying it, is he a poof?

    If the papers accused me of having it off with Claudia Schiffer, I wouldn't deny it, I would enjoy boasting to all my mates.
  5. Good to see that he his holding up Jacks tradition of having a fondness for the ladies. :thumright:
  6. It would seem that he has upset someone high in low places. What better way to consign him and his expertise to the gash bin.

    When it's politicians that get stitched, who cares? When it happens to decent blokes who understand the meaning of duty and service, though, it's truly outrageous.
  7. Finally an officer we can relate to. Well done jack :)
  8. So although he's in the House of Knackers, he's still got the libido for an energetic bit of Swedish delight. This is something to be proud of, not shamed! Anyway, he's ably proven this year that he has the ability to change his mind on what he needs at short notice....

  9. The bad news OSLO is that Anna-frid is actually Norwegian and not Swedish. Her Father was a natzi and her mother was ... a pure blonde, blue eyed lady and we know what happened there. Now shouldnt you know that she is Norwegian with a name like yours.....

    Stirs the pot good n proper...... :rendeer:
  10. Ho ho ho, and a merry xmas to you too!
  11. No offence intended...

    Arf arf

    Happy christmas to you and yours.


    Don't let the warrant Officers bite you
  12. None taken. You're right, of course. Still, it has nothing to do with his day job and shouldn't be a front page story.
  13. I always did respect Sir Alan - even moreso now!

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