I was just wondering if there was anyone from this unit on these forums. Got a few questions about them.

What weekdays do they train on?
I know its a satalite unit and I was wondering who the main unit was?
Are there any upcoming events that I can attend?

I have checked the main RNR site but couldnt find the ansew to these questions.

Thanks for any help :)
Hartlepool is one of RMR Tyne's detachments and so is an RMR Unit.

RMR Tyne| Royal Navy

If your interest is in the RNR and that is the impression I get, I would imagine that HMS Calliope is the right unit for you:

Tyneside - HMS Calliope | Royal Navy

I believe that HMS CALLIOPE have opened a satalite or "Tender" unit in Hartlepool although I can't seem to find anything on line other than the attached map.

RNR-Map | Royal Navy

Give CALIOPE a buzz. They'll sort you out.
HMS Calliope wanted to open a satalite unit in Hartlepool, as Paragon Division. But this hasn't happend due to funding and budget cut backs.

It is still advertised on the RNR website but it hasn't happend as yet.

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