I'm not a pompey fan, but speaking as such, he's done a cracking job there and I feel that he would have been going DOWN in the world had he taken the NUFC job.
Thats no dig at NUFC by the way :)
As a Pompey fan I'm well chuffed. I think Harrys' heart is with Portsmouth, the fans love him and he's taken the club to a place we could only have dreamed of a few years ago. I'll be honest, I was a bit worried, everyone has their price and if the papers are to be believed Newcastle were pulling out all the stops to entice him.
Also I think the Newcastle job is a bit of a poisoned chalice. I think the fans up there expect too much too soon. Big Sam is a fantastic manager, look at what he achieved at Bolton, but he's not a miracle worker. The Geordies seem to think that they can go from a run of the mill premiership team, no better & no worse than most others, to competing with Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal in an instant. That ain't going to happen. I feel sorry for whoever does take the job.
What about the 4th round of the FA cup ?? Pompey v Guzz....is there as much rivalry between the two as there is Pompey - Saints ??.
Guzz are starting to click a bit with the return of Paul Sturrock so should be a cracking tie......
being FA cup, hopefully Pompey will not be so goal shy at home as they have in the league.
Some, but nothing like the rivalry that exists between us and the scummers. The Argyle fans take it more seriously than we do. Pompeys home form this season must give them hope but I think the best they can get is a draw, followed by a hammering at Home Park.

If we do lose I'll have to go into hiding. Stuck down here in Janner land I'm surrounded by Argyle fans, father-in-law and daughter included. (My son is an Arsenal fan for some reason, god knows why?)
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