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Harry the bastard

Just to add to the mix we had a Harry the Bastard, LCK, on the Chatham 94-96. Top fella and his dits were something to behold, especially the shaggin' ones!
It seems that there is a HTB at every place you serve. Faslane has still got one, in fact he was such a bar stweard that when working for FOST he commenced an IEDEX at the precise moment that an England International kicked off. Needless to say he was Scottish :x
The Harry the Bastard I knew was the Coxn on the Churchill when it came out of the last Chatham refit, the man could get anything done, didnt really mind who was upset by it and, by and large, was very well respected by the troops. He was promoted to Warrant and worked in the SM3/SM10 organisation where he used to stalk the jetties giving the upperdeck trots and sentries the shits, he then moved onto CSST. I though he died shortly after leaving the service about 8 years ago, so probably not the same HTB that Sheriff is referring to.

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