Harry said a naughty word (3 years ago).

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Jan 11, 2009.

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  1. Well, I think we "white folk" should mank a bit as well.

    A response:-

    Open letter to:

    The Editor,
    Al Jazeera Newspaper,
    Bagdad, Iraq (Copied to Sub-Editor - Afghanistan)

    Dear Raghead,

    I most strongly object to the uses of the derogatory term
    "Infidel" - which I have often seen used on YouTube, just
    before some of your colleagues decapitate another person
    from the Western World.

    Can your Terrorist Organisations please abstain from using
    this inflammatory word in their wobbly cam-corder broadcasts,
    as I find it extremely upsetting and I am now off work with
    post-traumatic Infidel Disorder (P.T.I.D.).

    If you promise that these nice people with the swords will
    show some respect when dubbing on the audio track of
    the summary execution footage - we in turn, promise that
    we will no longer refer to you lot as "Camel Jockeys",
    "Rag-heads", "Terry Taliban" or "Jihad Jerk-offs".

    I sincerely apologise for the remark made 3 years ago by
    a member of our own Royal Family. He, after all is a
    Ginger Minger, and was not brought up on a firebombed
    Council Estate.

    As I recall, his mum was getting a portion from one of
    you lot anyway.

    Yours Faithfully,

    B. Nomates
    (Defender of the British Empire)

    p.s. If that naughty word that Ginger said gets on your titties,
    may I suggest that you get someone to change the name of
    this countrys Search Engine?

  2. Perhaps our papers should take a look at that website.
    Talk about double standards. :threaten:
  3. It was 3 years ago the guy has matured since then he's apologised. Being taken way too far now IMO.

    Just another excuse to knock him down.
  4. The less the Public have insight to some aspects of normal military life, the better. Most of them will never understand it for as long as they have a hole in their a**e!

    OK, it's morale and all that but maybe there is a case for banning video recorders from operational areas.
  5. Harrys words are only seen to be naughty if uttered by a non Pakistini, I wish this enlightenment was around in the 50"s when my jockanese Chief GI called me a janner barsteward, I was ever so upset!!

  7. Nice letter BillyNM ,a beautiful bit of writing if i may say so :thumright:
  8. I like that Billy, I like it a lot and it made me giggle out loud on a Sunday afternoon. :)
  9. I don't understand what's wrong with these terms Paki is just an abbreveation for Pakistani - a while back a junior Government Minister (I can't remember the faceless one's name!) had to aplogise for using the word Jap - short for Japanese, yet we and lots of other around the world refer to ourselves as Brits & that's OK!
  10. next thing will be hoccifers complaining that they no longer wish to be called Pigs :w00t:
  11. I remember when the YO's used to be called S.L.U.T's :D
  12. He also make a derogatory remark about fellow puffs, which the press (bar the Grauniad haven't picked up on), but hey what, I'm not offended..... honest! After all, we know that Royals leave their brains behind when they join up! :biggrin:

    Right, off to do some shirtlifting........
  13. The Pakistani Officer concerned evidently took it all in his stride, although the Bolshi Broadcasting Co-operative managed to dig up a distant uncle of same to voice complaint on the radio 4 six o'clock news.
    My bestest oppo on one ship, after spending a night with my feet in his ear (our bunks were at right angles) was usually greeted early AM with "Mornin' you ugly bog trotting bastard", to which his riposte would be "Mornin' you cockney cnut". Those who have never served, don't seem to be able to understand that this signified a strong bond of mateship, and was in no way derogatory.
    So to all you sheep shaggers, porridge wogs, bog trotters, ginger twats, nips, cloggies, bennies, wops, krauts, canucks, septics, fat bastards, and sundry others who occupy this sphere, Have a nice day!

  14. Nicknames will be banned next. Poor Slim. Perhaps you can sue the MOD for malicious slander? :thumright:

    PS: Slim, have you looked at the thread: Beware of Women? I posted a piccy that might get you excited. Don't forget to use the nitroglycerine BEFORE visiting said thread! ;)
  15. One of these might help Thingy,save hurting yer back. I find it useful for lifting skirts on the Q in Tescos [before they throw me out ] maybe you could adapt the principle for your hobby?

  16. I am still waiting on the remake of "THE DAMBUSTERS" come here Rover :w00t:
  17. You can't blame 'Arry Windsor. He's not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Look at his breeding line and then throw the DNA of a ginger cavalry officer into the mix; the poor Rupert had to cheat on his A- levels, so we should all give a Bronx Cheer that he can string a sentence together.

    At least he didn't get Charlie's ears.

  18. Since when has saying Paki, been a naughty word. surely its just an abbreviation of Pakistani. Does it then follow that the use of the word Scots, or Brits is also naughty? Isn't about time that the media got off these two lads back and left them alone to live their lives in peace.
  19. No but my poor Spaniel did :thumright:
  20. Your spaniel's not ex-Dambusters and named N......Ni....Nig.....Nigel by any chance???? :thumright:

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