Harry,s baby

WGAF????.... obviously some do....all hyped up by the media to rediculous levels. Pretty sure they would hope journos just go away......best of luck to Andy and Megan, and fuck the media!!!!
How very modern of you. I take it that you have no septum either...
Never as much as dallied with grass, or whatever they call it, never mind the devil's white powder....my downfall has, I confess, been the fault of the Andrew introducing me to the tot. In civilian life, I now restrict "tot time's to weekends and up spirits is whenever....:). My septum is in pristine nick as is my ability to sniff out a premium dark rum. God save the Queen, God bless her! Miss musters R us.....:). :)


War Hero
A Hello magazine exclusive! First photo of His Royal Highness Prince Bubba of Hayling Island, Duke of Goole and ninety ninth in line to the throne of Narnia.


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