Harry in Afghan- a different view

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. I eat my words - wit is still alive and kicking :thumright:
  2. Much as I have little time for the royal family or the institution in general, I don't think that Harry is the one who is making out that his service is more special than anyone else's. The journalist is making the point that there are lots of troops in the same or more danger than Harry has been, but get no recognition for it. Unfortunately the PR machine now has hold of this and the legend of 'hero' Harry will feed the media for yonks to come, in spite of anything Harry himself says.

    I do feel sorry for the man. The friends he has made on active service will probably be the only real friends he will ever have. For the rest of his life he will be surrounded by sycophants and hangers on, only interested in his status.

  3. How right you are mate , how right you are . spitting image of his dad he is .
  4. Nice one :bball:
  5. I agree with the above.

    This Journo though is making a political point, maybe trying to be satirical, but he has a political agenda by saying that the only people who join the forces are those that have no other jobs to go to and and/or are being recruited as cannon fodder from the poorer areas of the UK.

    Historially, the forces have always recruited from depressed areas, and although the recruitment jibe may merit a reply, his assumption that those in the forces are forced in to being there is laughable.

    It is an insult to those guys whoa are there.

    From what I read on this site - although we sometime laugh at them - the young people that join up today do so knowing the risks they face but more importantly are better educated than we were and are looking for a career.

    In a changing world, the people that join the forces today get my support all the time.

  6. A piss take for sure, the author may have missed the point that some just don't want to sit in office in front of a 'puter all day.
    This smart arse probably looks down his nose at all working class people thinly disguising his contempt for them in his 'witty' reportage.
  7. Hold on I must be missing something Harry looks nothing like...oh er pennies dropped. :dwarf:

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