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Is anyone else totally bemused by how this seamingly shite series of children's books continues to take the nation by storm everytime they release a new book/movie?

Quite frankly I find it quite sad to see grown adults reading their latest copy of Harry Potter and the Wizard's Sleave in public and getting all excited about going to see it at the movies. I really don't get it at all. Anyone else here agree or am I just a grumpy cnut?

That bird would get it though, I'd probably throw one up JK Rowling for dit value too. Otherwise I find it to be complete and utter bollox.
Harry botter is a speccy cnut. And I wouldn't do that bird out of it unless she sorts her frankly shocking pubic admin out.

Rowling however would get it so I could see her off for a few quid.
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
I shall, as ever, provide. It's like a fcuking Gorilla's armpit though.:

Ah you still would Monty!! hairy yes but not as hairy as the Spanish girl i was seeing a few years ago. Kinell wheres my tree beater!!! 8O

I sat and watched the prisoner of Afghanistan with the missarse the other day and old Emma looked quite ripe for a good savaging. :twisted:
Montigny_La_Palisse said:
If she shaved it off then I'd let her suck me off.
The trouble with having standards is you have to maintain them, if, like me, you have no standards then life is so much easier :lol:
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