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Harry and Meg


War Hero
It is, of course, a matter strictly for them to decide upon. Sometimes,however, you have to be careful what you wish for. Living a relatively normal life away from prying media may seem like a blissful way to go on. Money will not be a problem as Harry's family have made provision for him plus what he inherited from his mother. If push comes to shove he can send the missus out to do a bit of acting while he minds the rug rat. But will this apparently blissful lifestyle begin to pall after a while. Harry has been used to being on the go as a young Royal plus organising all kinds of events and boredom can easily set in for even the most loved up bloke.
The humble tax payer will be happy to get them off the books if they don't want to be royal anymore but won't be happy if they take advantage of the perks but bring nothing to the party.


Book Reviewer
My take is that she doesn't like being second to Kate and William. Standby for Harry to become the Governor General of Canada (or similar) where she can pretend to be Queen. Great shame in my book he seems to being lead down the wrong path. Let's hope if they do go their own way they do just that, no public money or housing funded by the taxpayer.
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I wonder how well thought out this plan is, bit like the Queens uncle who threw away the crown for a divorced American? It has been said the Queen hated them?


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That some Royal ex-spurts are lumping Meg with Wallace Simo' is farcical , different era and a whole lot less media intrusion , then the King abdicated , now they went to Canada for six weeks to save their marriage IMO.
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