Harrods sack Father Christmas

Is santa an ex matelot ?

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Surprised Harrods have a Santa - if military uniform could offend some people, could a pagan symbol not do the same?

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He also asked in a lewd fashion whether their teenage daughter fancied staying and sitting on his knee, it said.

Oi the_Matelot! Told you not to go out during public hours!
Harrods launched its Christmas World section in August. Luxury crackers are priced at 2,000 pounds (2,970 euros, 3,800 dollars) for a packet of six.

That sounds like disability pension for a year.

What planet are these Feckin toe rags on!!!

Not the real Santa anyway he was killed in Liverpool in a lift years ago my cousin told me and he is dead clever so it must be true.

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