Harrods ban soldiers on Remembrance Day

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by blessed_baby_cakes, Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. what did you expect with the Boss being an Arab?????
  2. This country has gone fxxxxxxxxxg mad , so fxxxxxxxxxg angry ,
  3. Did you read the garbage " might assume they are on duty" (?) and "assume they're a member of staff" (??)....

    Has anyone seen the security staff at Harrods recently, they stomp about like a private army - which is probably what they are in Mohamed Fayed's eyes.
    Don't foget that some of that store's security staff are ex-Police and Forces...

    Perhaps the phrase 'Power Mad Military Cabbages' comes to mind !
  4. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Jenkins.... cancel my Harrod's account immediately...
  5. Who cares? Surely Harrods is only a shop for tourists and the obscenely rich, anyway?

    It hasn't been British for many decades, so whether or not Al Fayed is an Arab is beside the point. He has tried to become British for longer than I can remember, but as far as I am aware he still hasn't been granted a British passport, whereas half those people who have entered the country legally or illegally and put in their lot with trash like Abu Hamza, Al Bakri etc not only hold British passports, but fleece the UK's benefits system rotten in order to carry out their antisocial activities.
  6. Very much my initial reaction, who cares. Harrods has all sorts of funny rules about who can go in, and what they can wear and carry. Any way you can buy almost anything they sell from somewhere else for less.

    Last time I bought anything was when I won a £10 voucher for the place whilst in Chathan dockyard for a DED, and that was a long time ago.

    PS I think A-F has given up on the Brit passport and is angling for a Scottish oneinstead, and the SNP didn't bite.
  7. Remember being in welsh wales as me mother used to call it.

    Aberyswyth to be precise! This here woman carrying a HARRODS OF LONDON shopping bag. For fecks sake get a life will ya.

    Are we really bothered that a load of toffee nose toe rags have this policy if I had a zillion quid I would stay out of those places. Same as crap five star hotels with the starch type staff. Give me a good B+B anytime.

    What was the story about the serviceman injured in Iraq attacked in hospital by some rag head wish I had been there he would have been on drip dinners for a while I tell thee. Fecking shite.
  8. Think it was sellyoak in Brum where the injured servicemen were abused by some individual. The A&E dept at said hospital has joint service personnel working in it and deal with both civvies and forces personnel. I wouldn't go near Harrods myself, my money is as good as anyones and i choose to take mine elsewhere!!

    Disgusted of south London
  9. Just seen this one and am outraged!! It's not that many of us shop at Harrods, nor are we likely to ever do so. There is a principle at stake here though. I recall a small number of similar incidents being reported in the news lately and I feel genuine concern at what appears to be a growing trend.

    Yes the War is unpopular with sections of the UK population and, because of this, so too is the government. Maybe I am being slightly paranoid here but it is beginning to appear that certain sections of our population find it easier to take it out on service personnel because they are unable to take it out on the Government.

    We're good enough to serve our country and put ourselves on the line when required to do so, but not good enough to be seen out and about. Perhaps they would prefer us to be “not seen and not heard†until absolutely necessary.

    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  10. It's something I really dislike about this country as against the US. There, the public are fiercely proud of the Armed Forces, whether or not they support current operations in Iraq. It could not be more different here. Interestingly, if you go to the Daily Mail page most of the people who have logged comments are from the US, where a store which didn't let uniformed personnel in would be boycotted by most of the populace!

    Even in Pompey I don't feel comfortable walking into Tescos in rig on my way home from work.

    Having said that, on my way to a dinner in London a couple of months ago in London in 2As a number of people asked if I was in fancy dress. I wonder if the Officer in question said he was in fancy dress would he have got in?
  11. Outraged yes but on reflection......

    1. Who wants to put money in the Fayed family coffers? They get enough from flogging their rather tenuous conspiracy theory links about Dodo and Di to the tabloids.
    2. Who wants to shop in a place where the staff sneer and look down their noses at you like you're something they've just shat, when in truth most people using this site probably earn more than them and have more responsible jobs than them. I mean, they're just shop workers when all's said and done, and they think their arses smell of incense. I'd rather shop in Tescos where the girls on the checkout will actually talk to you.

    Stuff em. I just can't get worked up about this sort of thing anymore. I believe in karma. They'll get theirs in the end.
  12. I wish I could afford to boycott them! if you know what I mean.

    Have they still got that Allah awful shrine to baby Al Fayed and late "friend" in there?
  13. RoD on RP had kindly written a lovely letter to Harrod's, below is their reply!

  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Mr Williams obviously isn't familiar with 1SL's policy of wearing uniform in public to promote the Armed Services!
    That aside, I thought most door staff/commissionaires are ex-Forces anyway? Maybe the door staff at Harrods recognised the Rupert from his time in the Army and refused him entry for another reason... :wink:
  15. Looks like an extreme case of back-peddling to me.

    Perhaps a small donation to the RBL would help ease the situation.


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