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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by higthepig, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. The Boss of the Council has resigned as has a Cabinet member for Children, The head of Social services has been removed from her post. In my opinion it is about time that heads rolled, perhaps others will now think twice on the decisions that they make, but is it enough? Poor Baby P. Will there be others, and if so will the same action be taken?
  2. Linky


    I Hope its enough in this case, but I fear that this type of abuse will always have a way of happening.
  3. This should have happened sooner. The leader at the news conference said "we take what happened very seriously", well if they took it that seriously they would have gone after the Climbié' fiasco.

    Nice to see the conceited Sharon Shoesmith has gone, she had to be sacked though, wouldn't leave of her own free will.

    The Times Online said:

    "Sharon Shoesmith, the £100,000-a-year director of children's services in Haringey, was pilloried after conspicuously avoiding saying sorry for the fact that her organisation failed to prevent the toddler's death."
  4. sack em all
  5. Why did they have to be pushed?

    Surely their inaction, blatant ineptitude, and undeniable stupidity, should have indicated to them that they all should have fallen on their swords much earlier.

    What ever happend to person responsibility, and just knowing that its time to go, rather than hanging on until you get the push, there is NO dignity in being pushed when you KNOW you should have left.

    I just HOPE that these morons are not employed again in any job which puts them in a position where they have responsibility for doing anything other than cleaning heads, and cutting grass.

    Rant over
  6. Now that is good news, it is about time inept articles like these were held accountable and forced onto their swords.
  7. There is one who is trying to get reinstated, the nutter who was in charge of Climbie, you wont believe this:

    Social worker wants her job back
  8. Typical New Labour fiasco. All Social Workers are Labour supporters, and as they have seen Blair, Blunkett and other incompetent liars keep their jobs for years they thought they'd give it a go. Bring on the election!
  9. She, (Shoesmith), has not been sacked. She has been suspended ON FULL PAY! Typical stitch up, in my opinion, from a loony left council. She should be SACKED, without any financial shenanigans, deprived of her pension, and left to contemplate her inadequate performance.

    As I said, just my opinion!

  10. Not disagreeing with the basic points above - but please remember that the people ACTUALLY responsible were the mother and two men - not others who might have been able to intervene.

    Likewise with Climbie (sp ?) and others - it is not the police, councils or social services who do the disgusting deeds but ordinary people.
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    As annoying as 'suspended on full pay' and notion of a 'settlement' for the numpties is; the law says differently and there is a process. The GMC has suspended the so called doctor responsible for missing the broken back.

    The Armed Forces (and all walks of life) have useless bast ards at all levels who 'found out' or not, they walk after their time with their pensions in their pocket. Cheers easy. Pensions are for the time done, not how well you did it. unless you had a side line in serial killing.

    Exactly. And the social workers don't want to be accused of being chavist. They tread carefully. Chavs should not be breeding but that's a different matter. Oh, and when they are too old to work (as if) they get a State pension.
  12. Someone clever once said "all that is needed for evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing"
    They did not do the vile deeds but they certainly allowed it to happen and are guilty by association.
  13. I honestly think it is time for the good citizens of Harringay, there must be a few, to rise up and make it clear to the likes of Ms Shoesmith that she is no longer welcome in their city and thatif she does not f*ck *ff damn quick that her life will not be worth living. The woman does not deserve to be called a woman, she is heartless, self centered, and without the slighest element of human dignity, shit she is not even entitled to be called aman.

    She has no place in our society.
  14. I just hope no one says something like:
    'We'll take all this on board' or' Lessons will be learned'.
  15. Ms Chackrabati is probably advising Ms Shoesmith. So thats alright then!!! :thumright:
  16. I wonder what Michael Mansfield QC is doing for the next few months?

    It is time Social Workers of all ilks, stopped being the the Stasi of the Labour party and got on doing what they are paid to do, Social work not Social engineering.
  17. The whole point of having Social Work Departments is that society already knows that ordinary people can commit the most extraordinary acts, whether on children, the elderly, the disabled, black, white, whatever.

    Haringey has been unlucky enough to have had 2 of the most soul-destroying examples of human depravity visited on children within its borders. What is glaringly obvious is that Haringey Council was under the impression that it could cope, when it patently could not. Anyone serving on this Council having responsibility for this dire situation should have resigned at the time that baby P's death became known, if they had a shred of decency, rather than waiting until now.

    IMHO, the major problem facing UK plc in this matter is that the science of social care is bedevilled by the theory that, no matter what, an abused, neglected child is better off in parental care than being managed outside the natural family. It will all happen again until society grasps this nettle firmly.

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