Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Apologise if this has been mentioned before but;
    Now we have lost them can they be mothballed for a year or whatever in case we need them or someone finally realises we still need a ground attack force to help our troops or will they be scrapped entirely?
    The Yanks have a desert full of planes protected against the elements can these be treated the same way then put into service again like our Frigates/Destroyers were[or could be] or are they doomed?
    I have a feeling that all the time we are in Afghanistan we will need a slower heavily armed ground attack plane and this decision is very short sighted.
    Maybe we will use Hawks!that's all I see flying over the Northumberland range nowadays ,even the Yanks planes[who used to be very numerous here] are gone.
    just wondered.
  2. We don't have any deserts going spare though ;)

    Maybe we could put them in dessert instead?

    (On a serious note, I doubt they'll go anywhere any time soon.)
  3. thanks,we have plenty of deserts,Islands in the Atlantic,Australia,etc even India but I wanted to get assurance that they would not be sold.
    Knowing the way our Government works we will probably sell them to the Argies!
    I think it's wrong move and a seriously wrong move,if they can be mothballed it can be reversed and it should be.
  4. They are being scrapped as far as I was aware.
  5. Mostly made out of plastic, scrap value not that high!!!
  6. if we can mothball ships, we can mothball planes
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  7. Look at the aircraft boneyard in the states, my company took two herc's that had been sat there for years for the RNLAF, now prob one of the most advanced hercs (H models) in the world.

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  8. JFH - RR's recently-joined AR9 has taken a certain delight in imposing hisself on threads of aged and sometimes uncertain vintage.

    Play him at his game and maybe he'll eventually wise up.
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