Apologise if this has been mentioned before but;
Now we have lost them can they be mothballed for a year or whatever in case we need them or someone finally realises we still need a ground attack force to help our troops or will they be scrapped entirely?
The Yanks have a desert full of planes protected against the elements can these be treated the same way then put into service again like our Frigates/Destroyers were[or could be] or are they doomed?
I have a feeling that all the time we are in Afghanistan we will need a slower heavily armed ground attack plane and this decision is very short sighted.
Maybe we will use Hawks!that's all I see flying over the Northumberland range nowadays ,even the Yanks planes[who used to be very numerous here] are gone.
just wondered.
We don't have any deserts going spare though ;)

Maybe we could put them in dessert instead?

(On a serious note, I doubt they'll go anywhere any time soon.)
thanks,we have plenty of deserts,Islands in the Atlantic,Australia,etc even India but I wanted to get assurance that they would not be sold.
Knowing the way our Government works we will probably sell them to the Argies!
I think it's wrong move and a seriously wrong move,if they can be mothballed it can be reversed and it should be.
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