Harriers to be scrapped

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Paddingtonbear, Oct 19, 2010.

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  1. I'm not a WAFU but the real tragedy bin this is no fast air for 10 years. Are they mad??
  2. Plus the loss of all that Aviation Flying experience!!!

    Can you see the average pilot hanging around till JSF comes in?
  3. Tough to believe this is the same Tory party that helped lead us to victory in a pretty major war not too long back.

    The Ebay link on another thread says it all really - scrapping defence to pay for old biddies popping pills at a GP surgery and throwing benefits at the work shy for years on end.

    Feel a little bit nautious reading all this - still got Ark Royal as the wallpaper on the PC here.
  4. I might be missing something here (very likely as I don't really have a scooby about these things) but I can't see why they're scrapping harriers and keeping tornados.
    I'm sure I read somewhere that they're being kept for Afghanistan but if Harriers are capable of operating in Afghanistan and from CVS which surely gives your more options than a purely land based aircaft.

    Any WAFU types able to clear this up for me?
  5. Harriers operated a hell of a lot better in the Stan!!! 8O

    Don't need the 20 mile plus turning circle the the Tornado does.

  6. The answer is very simple dear boy.

    Harrier: Not fast and sexy, may require RAF types to sally forth on nasty, smelly and cramped ships.

    Tornado: Fast and sexy. Will never require RAF types to sally forth on nasty, smelly and cramped ships.

    RAF machinations at their finest.
  7. Dont forget, the only major representation on the SDSR board was the Army. Makes you wonder whether the Navy was even sufficiently represented during the review
  8. Take a leaf out of the through deck cruiser.

    rename the harrier

    Fast attack manoeverable levitation device

    That should do it.


    No Carriers.... no Wafu's ....upside to everything
  9. Submarine Branch seems to be coming away from it in ok shape
  10. I predict a masive walk out of Top RN brass!!!

    Obviously the ones that have worked out the optimum time for the maximum pension.
  11. Well just heard the Nimrod MR4 has been scrapped!!!
  12. What the hell are Chefs going to show their families around during Ships Open To Visitors?

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