Harriers assist in destruction of poppy seeds in Afghan

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. It, somehow, doesn’t mention who’s Harriers.
  2. USMC's mate. All ours are home.
  3. I see the Tornado are not having too much luck! Me thinks Harriers may have to go back out!!
  4. Hehe, how typically American. Round it all up, put it in a field, and bomb the sh1t out of it!! :D
  5. I know! Shocker. Looks like the Strike Wing could be back out there for Christmas.
  6. Can you imagine Cock Nose Torpey's office, when the Navy go in and say do you want our Harriers back out there?
  7. Err, why exactly are the GR4s failing to the extent that JFH would need to be redeployed?!!!

    One GR4 lost in a takeoff accident. Excrement happens just as it did for the GR9 lost in a landing accident just prior to the Harrier Det departing. :roll:

    Hardly amounts to a failure of the deployment does it!!!

  8. Not yet my sideways shuffling friend, but give it time! :wink:

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