Harrier to stay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 801alltheway, Nov 3, 2010.

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  1. Just been briefed Harrier is staying Cameron backed down..............further details to come
  2. I hate to piss on your bonfire but that news article is from 2006 mate.

    We're (Yeovilton) having a brief tomorrow at 1230, as are Culdrose and Cott/Witt. Will update on here if anything new comes up.
  3. Bite! :twisted:

    I repeat "But read the rest of the small print:"

  4. Phew! That's a relief.

    By the way, where is Kidderminster?
  5. Believe me mate you dont want to know!!! :D
  6. And just to take the piss I hear ARK is making a final visit to Geordie land before she pays off for good - Good old RAF 1 Squadron are to be embarked as a final insult 800 NAS are staying ashore at Cottesmore.
  7. ******my get back to work and stop reading stories on the internet, then winding up both of your harrier mates!!

    get them tool boxes checked and cleaned out etc etc!
  8. Seeing your Avatar, they recruiting any of your ilk soon? :wink:

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