Harrier Parking problem

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by flynavy, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. What happend to SOP's? "Forgot"??? You are joking?
  2. I agree. It would be like a bootneck saying, 'Well, I forgot to return fire, next thing I knew all me oppos were dead!" One cannot 'forget' to do an SOP, but one can be careless and utterly unprofessional. Heli crews shut down as they read off their check list, may I assume that fast jest pilots do something similar?
  3. What's the problem.......................it's on the ground innit.
    That's the snag with the Crabs.........if you don't live in the thing you're supposed to go to war in it's always somebody else's responsibility to keep it shiny and warlike!
    Ahh........, I wonder if some jobsworth has clamped it. Heads will roll....or most likely not. Some Nigel will be bollocked and the groundcrew will have to polish something or other!
  4. Would never happen with an F-15 :w00t:
  5. Was the guy on the right shouting, "It's okay Ma'am, it could happen to anyone. Reversing these things is difficult".

    Take cover!
  6. So that's what that beeping was.....
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I don't know anything about this event, except where the jet was going, but I'd bet a tenner the pilot didn't forget to apply the parking brake, that really only leaves the plane spotters alternative hypothesis. It's happened before, more than once!
  8. well i know the story and this is how it goes, i work at raf wittering these harriers 20 sqn were coming back from cyprus stoppin at malta, the other 3 harriers had choks in there pods, this 1 didn't and was told by the ground crew at malta that they would put some under it asap the pilot put the brakes on and left it, the ground crew at malta forgot to chok it and there fore rolled bak as the pan is at a unreasonable incline =] lol
  9. ... ah, we've found the Guilty B'stard!.... OK who "forgot" the chocks"?, who forgot to "check the chocks"?

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