Harrier Down; Driver Safe

A pilot managed to eject to safety as an RAF jet crashed in a field near a village in Rutland.

A Ministry of Defence (MoD) spokeswoman said the Harrier crashed north-east of RAF Cottesmore at about 1350 BST.

She said the pilot ejected and came down using a parachute and was "alive and conscious". He is receiving treatment in hospital.

Residents said the crash happened about 200yds (180m) from Ashwell. No civilian casualties were reported.
From Truth Central ( http://defenceintranet.diiweb.r.mil...s/DefenceNews/MOD/HarrierCrashesInRutland.htm for those "with") :

The aircraft, from RAF Cottesmore, came down on open farmland just before 1350 hours near the village of Ashwell.

The pilot, from the Royal Navy, ejected prior to the crash and has been taken to hospital by air ambulance. There is no word at this time on the condition of the pilot, whose next of kin have been informed. There are no reports of casualties on the ground.

At this stage it is too early to say what might have caused the incident. However, a Board of Inquiry is being convened.
rod-gearing said:
does he quallify for a Martin Baker tie?

I heard this expression on a tv show the other night (JAG I think)
If he ejected the answer is yes, he will also get other goodies if he activated his SARBE equipment. If he actuallm made it to the village duck pond and got into his liferaft more goodies are on there way :thumright:

I'm sure Scouse will let us have the full list :money:

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