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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by stumpy, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. I saw this on the RN website under Tailored Air Group:

    The Harrier GR7 is a single seat, multi-role combat aircraft that is capable of operating in extreme environments and from a wide selection of locations, including deployed air bases and aircraft carriers.

    Harrier GR7
    Read More ...
    Harrier GR7


    Air Defence
    Battlefield Air Interdiction
    Combat Air Support


    (Advanced Medium Range Air to Air Missile)

    (Short Range Air to Air Missile)

    Cannons, Laser Guided Bombs
    "Dumb" Bombs, Chaff / Flares


    It says that the Harrier has AMRAAM and Sidewinder. I thought that capability had gone with Sea Harrier?
  2. It has. Never trust the MOD sites, they're run by mongs who couldn't get a real IT job.....
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Gosh, surely not a mistake on the RN website?

    OK, start the clock- bet you 5P it's 6 weeks until they correct it, if in fact they ever do.

    It's taken 5 weeks to ignore the errors with regard the pre-joining fitness test & contact of employment on the Royal Marines Website.

    Don't hold your breath for other glaring errors being corrected in the short term as it's safe to assume the same company has been contracted to maintain both sites at great expense and accompanying incompetence.
  4. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    ? Like web design/publishing for a civilan company? Your online tag seems quite accurate ^~
  5. I'm just worried that it could confuse people before their AIBs. I will email the site next week.
  6. Sidewinder only. There are no cannons (RAF never bought the 25mm cannon used on the aircraft). It could be used as a day VMC fighter only. back to a limited capability we last had in the 1950's.
  7. Must be - you've lost me there.
  8. The MOD websites are designed and managed by a civilian hosting firm.

    Although the content comes from MOD, who should know better.

    So you're both right ;)
  9. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Just e-mail a link to: RAF Website, GR7 page Surely they can copy!

    Edited to add: If you follow the Read more link from the page you posted they seem to have done just that.
  10. Pretty sad day when you can probably get more info on Wiki than from the official source, but its been that way for years from what I remember.


    I know its the "top trumps" version but as it points out the weapon needs a radar (or inertial nav) to give it data before firing, as its own radar is small in comparison to a launch aircraft. As the GR7 has no radar and no capability to datalink to a weapon from a remote aircraft, no AMRAAM. Ditto GR9, although it does have better avionics, still no AMRAAM. I dont rule out the possibility of them buying off the shelf something like the APG-65 US radar as fitted to the AV8B-IIs to enable them to fire AMRAAMs, and just having it as a mickey mouse role change, but as we poured so much time and money into Blue Vixen it seems unlikely.

    Id be more concerned at the loss of 25mm, as although I'm sure its tactically ineffective in a modern air-air engagement, its cheap and useful in close air support roles, esp against small vessels.
  11. "Id be more concerned at the loss of 25mm, as although I'm sure its tactically ineffective in a modern air-air engagement, its cheap and useful in close air support roles, esp against small vessels."

    So do the planes shot down by cannon fire in 82 not count anymore?
  12. If the RAF never bought the cannon for the Harrier, I can only assume the ones I saw at Gütersloh and Laarbruch had been "liberated" from somewhere. Maybe Uncle Sam or RN :w00t:
  13. you probabley saw the 30mm Aden pods fitted to the GR3/FA2/AV-8A.

    I believe that the 25mm (gun one pod, ammo the other) wasn't purchased to avoid having to support another calibre in the RAF
  14. So can it fire the heatseeker version of sidewinder?
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Or the GR/7/9, the pods can still be fitted to these variants but there is a slight weight and fatigue penalty so it's preferable to fit strakes.

    Stumpy, yes sidewinder is heatseeking: Sidewinder 9L
  16. My thoughts too, chocks, but the modern tacticians are quick to point out that the Argies lacked a standoff radar guided missile also (R530 only on Mirage 3, even less fuel than Daggers), and didn't have the gas to dogfight, thereby making them an easier target. I don't think there was anything easy about that, and the Harrier pilots Ive talked to have always said they felt it would be a serious omission to not have at least one pod available in the future, but I guess they were overruled. I guess the thinking is we wont be up against multiple wings of aircraft that although have no decent air-air weaponry or air cover (And no reply to a steely eyed "joint force pilot" who is too close for missiles...), wont pose a threat to ground personnel or ships.....
  17. Maybe it can go and fit a catupult and fire the stones from the beach.
  18. Try reading 'RAF Harrier Ground Attack Falklands' by a certain Sqn Ldr (who never got any higher). It will tell you how the crabs were the true ACM experts during the 'Great South Atlantic Turkey Shoot' but had to do the hard job of ground attack and recce.

    Worth a read if only to laugh at his bitter passed over crab mentality! Best tools for the job I would have thought, the GR3 for CAS???

    t I believe that their only firing of ann AIM 9L was after the ceasefire and tragically for the pongo's working on the airfield at the time they were on the deck!
  19. I have met one of the guys who lost his legs after that incident, in true forces sense of humour his nickname is.....................................

    NO TOES - Honest
  20. as far as i know gun pods are now no longer fitted to harriers as the armourers are far too busy so its just strakes, anyway this makes it easier to role the aircraft for sniper/tiald, the sidewinder is for very limited self defence and nr bloody useless on this jet as for AMRAAM, no chance!

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