Harrier 40th Anniversary 23-24 July 09

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by harrier_40, Mar 11, 2009.

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  1. 2009 is the Harrier’s 40th Operational year

    Flown by numerous Air Forces and Naval Services around the world, this unique Aircraft has flown in many operational theatres and it’s continued success has truly made a mark on Aviation History.

    The 40th Anniversary celebrations will take place over two days and every person who has either flown or maintained a Harrier are invited:

    Thursday 23 July 2009

    A Gala Dinner, without families, at the ‘Home of the Harrier’ - RAF Wittering.

    Friday 24 July 2009

    A Families day and Hangar Party at the current home of the Operational Squadrons of Joint Force Harrier – RAF Cottesmore.
    This event will be an excellent opportunity to catch up with long lost colleagues and meet current squadron members.

    For further information or to register your interest please visit:


  2. Typical Crab PR, youve added that bit about Naval Services on your thread!!!!!! I presume this is only aimed at the crabs? Maybe this thread should stay on E-Goat?
  3. Wittering? Home of the harrier? How very dare they.......
  4. I thought it was home to Expeditionary Ops!!! The harrier is just lodging from Cottesmore?
  5. Yeovil is it's true home........ :cry:
  6. Think I might be washing my hair that day, or getting far away! I presume there will be a flying display? as I live behind the God forsaken place its prob a good day to take the wife shopping.
  7. Harrier 40th Anniversary Update

    The website for registering your interest in attending the Harrier 40th celebrations is now operational:


    These events are open to everyone who served on a Harrier Squadron, in any service and in any capacity, along with all those who helped in the aircraft's development and continued success today.
  8. There'll be no one at Cottesmore for that, we'll all still be in Afghanistan waiting for the Tonka faggots to sort their sh1t out.
  9. What about "Sea" Harrier squadron. I feel the website is lacking a few basic points. Again geared around our sideways walking chums!!!!
  10. Haven't flown nor maintained that amazing aircraft, but served onboard Bulwark in the 60s when Bill Bedford from Boscombe Down landed the 'kestrel' as it was known then, on the deck. Must go down as one of the most exciting moments of my 'baby sparker' days !! I think it was originally the P1127 back then.
  11. Would just like to bump this topic up, its going to be a worthwhile event and any "profit" from any sales etc will be going back into various charities. It is open to all Engineers and pilots who have worked on the Harrier.

    please goto this link for further info: www.homeoftheharrier.com

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