Harman identifies crucial financial problem


War Hero
There's nothing more important to sorting the mess the Government got the UK into than this....


What part of la-la land do these idiots live in?

.."Some women MPs have claimed that the 'testosterone-fuelled' financial meltdown could have been avoided if there had been more women in decision-making positions..." Oh really, ever seen a woman throw a tantrum when there's money involved?

...."Sometimes we have to take scary methods in order to achieve worthwhile results,' she told a mainly female audience...." Sounds like that Wayne Bobbit fella's missus.. 8O

...."We (women) have to worry more than men and we are definitely worrying more about the recession than men are,' she said..."

She's definitely lost the plot now, why dont they try sorting the country out instead of micro managing what can best be described as trendy lefty fads. :roll:
Yeah, I couldn't give a monkies me, if I lose my job, house and family!
This wouldn't be the same Harriet Harman who was in full support of the Gulf War until the wheels started to fall off would it?
Strange that a "Woman in a decision making position" should have fallen for the Bush/Blair BS, still perhaps she was Multi-Tasking on her expenses chit at the time. :evil:
I know we have heard the term "political correctness gone mad" many many times, but I think it takes the biscuit here. Undeniable proof that the seesaw of equal rights has swung too far. All sexes are equal, but some are more equal than others...

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