Hardest Commando Test???

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Oscar1, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Ok, my post about running the Endurance Course for H4H seemed to cause a few memory recalls from a few past runners.

    Made me think, which test is the hardest?

    9 miler? Endurance Course? Tarzan Assault? 30 Miler?

    I found the Tarzan Assault the hardest and was breathing out of the tight brown one after getting to the top of the 30 foot wall........

    :pukel: :thumright:
  2. It is true then? Do they really make you go commando to test how hard you really are? ;) :lol:
  3. Yeah course you have to go commando while doing the Commando tests. Why wear anything under your denims and miss out on all that chaffing.....
  4. The dance of the flaming arseh*les, top of the table, the four feathers.....
  5. And theres me thinking it was the spelling test LOL.
  6. Always thought the majority of the tests were OK (in a wierd kind of way) but the 6 miler was a complete pain in the a**e. Was it the route or what?
  7. I hated the six miler and found it way harder than the nine, stupid as it sounds! Dunno why, probably psychological. The route for the 6 wasnt the best though - i seem to recall a fair smattering of hills.....
  8. I'd have said counting up to 21 was the hardest test for a bootie!
  9. Well I don't know much about the commando tests but a little advice for your BFT. Sneakily miss out that bit where you have to come back on yourself. Puts you in the lead instantly.
  10. Not biting but!!!

    We only needed to count up to twenty with the SLR having a twenty round mag. :bball:

    The thirty miler was a pain I remember the words " You have ten minutes lad's the farmhouse in the bottom of the valley is the finishing point you will not make it" Much dashing and we made it to the farmhouse to be informed the finishing point was a few miles back. Just wanted to see if we had anything left!

    The six/nine miler heartbreak hill rings a bell.

    Keeping that barrel clean on the endurance happy days long ago. Back you go!
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Funnily enough I had a troop stripey do exactly that.......and he got away with it, fair play I suppose.

    The 6 miler was a cnut, dont know why, perhaps it's because you have so much of the training still ahead of you when you take it unlike when you do the 30 miler etc and know you've nearly cracked training.

    BST is a challange at 16 and only being able to doggy paddle, fcuk did I play submarines for a while.

    I found the 30 miler the easiest, 9 miler the worst, tarzan just a mindblowing world of pain but over quickly (the hill up to the gate is just pain), the endurance I had a house brick shoved down my chest just before starting because I pissed one of the training team off so I was to angry to really think about it.

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