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Ship mates,

Just been to view a house on Efford Road in Guzz.

Have any of you fine Mariners any experience or views on this prospective area to live in, commute to and from the dockyard?

PFKs need not apply.

(I hope to god drafty does not see this and send me to FASLAMABAD!)

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Should be alright there, commute well, depending on what you leave the house will depend on how bad the roads are and which route you take to be honest


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We got an email from Barret homes, so popped along nothing special, then we got offered an off the plot house that will be built where the sales office is and it was quite cheap compared to what we were looking at. I'm more of a second hand home fan, where as the CINCNAGHOME likes the new ones...

To be honest it did look like a dip in situation and we don't mind waiting till oct / nov. But early days yet.

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Up till last year was working with a bloke who came out of the army on pension, his first job was selling new houses being built by a national company. His comment was never buy a new house "off plan" the builders are testing the market, they are always way over priced then you get offered a fantastic discount. Which nearly always turns out to be worthless. Best he said to wait until the first phase of the build come on the market and look at the price and compare it to when they were a new build. That way you can see if they were over priced to start with. Zoopla are a good place to start.


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That's a good point and we heard it off the mortgage guy.

The company Abe completed phase one and are completing phase two. The property we are looking at is the last one to be knocked us as its in the sales office or what is the land of the office.

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