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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by hobbit, Aug 28, 2006.

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  1. With the rapidly diminishing water supply in Oz the pollies have come up with the plan to recycle sewage. This is too much for some to swallow and as someone said I'm not gunna put up with that crap. Someone else said well they've been using this system in Pommie-land for years, they call it beer.
    I've heard lottsa blokes say I'm gunna get on the piss in the old country and they also say I'm so hungry I could eat a shit sanger so what's the problem. This could account for the Pomms saying he's fulla wind and piss or full of crap.
    Mabe if we have designer recycled sewage such as vintage 2001 from Miss World or some other celebrity the idea may be more acceptable. Like I could use her **** for toothpaste sort of thing. Whatever the outcome I foresee a future war over water with the population explosion and there may be no choice but recycled sewage,
    :lol: :lol: :lol:
  2. In England it is common to extract water from rivers for drinking etc, this is processed etc to make it fit for use. After use it is put back into the river after appropriate treatment and thus becomes avaiable for the inhabitants of the next town. It is said the water of the Thames is drunk over 6 times before it eventually gets to the sea..

    Up here in the land of the 'Devils in Skirts' we only use the water once, and if you come up with the cash we could let you have reasonable quantities of unused stuff.

  3. I dont understand why we have water problems.Firsty,we are surrouned by the bloody stuff!So why not build desalination plants.secondly we already pay through the nose for water so it may as well be from desalination plants!
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    An easier solution would be to join up the Canal network and use that to shift water to where it is needed, Canals could also be used, as orginally designed, to move bulk goods around.

  5. Im with you on this one Janner,get shot of all those trucks!!!
  6. When I was in Iceland (the country not the shop) this summer all the drinking & bathing water is untreated and fresh from the ground! I'd happily pay what I currently pay Thames Water (£700 a year) for that instead of what I get - I'd be prepared to have a water meter installed for water of that quality! Just think - drinking wholesome water.

    I also wish we had Icelandic weather in London: in August it was cool, rainy, windy... They even sometimes get snow in late Spring-Early Summer! Paradise!

    Steve (cold loving person !!!)
  7. working in the field of conservation for a while I learned that "LEACHATE" that horrible stuff that is filtered through the landfill sites on a few sites it is sprayed back on the incoming rubbish with being full of bacteria and helps break down the rubbish and on a few it is treated and put back into the water table. Not sure what water table means. Could it be bottled water from source??

    In Ireland we have this horrible black stuff that appears on tables in pint glasses and I am forced to drink under threat of broken limbs etc. Please can you help???

    Pic submitted to gallery
  8. I worked in Libya for three weeks recently and petrol was cheaper to buy than water.
    Impossible to get any alcoholic drinks so stuck with non alcoholic beer for the duration. To cap it all the British Airways flight back had issued all alcoholic beverages on the inbound flight. Worlds favourite airline !
  9. Could not get a drink in Libya...you must have been going to the wrong shops. How much for Saddiqu Aschech. (How much for rocket-fuel My Friend?)


    British Airways, bunch of jumped up Pricess Ann look-a-likes. 8)
  10. In Ireland we have this horrible black stuff that appears on tables in pint glasses and I am forced to drink under threat of broken limbs etc. Please can you help???

    If you're talkin' about Liffey Water well you must mean the nectar of the gods. Difficult to get the real brew here but even the locally made is better than the maids water they call beer. Bloody good drop that Erin's brew although you can't get pissed on it can you.

    :D :D :D

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