Hard pressed bankers vs the rest

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Feb 24, 2009.

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  1. Oh the poor dears, imagine having to tighten your belt on only a couple of hundred grand a year.
  2. They are lucky to still have their bloody jobs after the mess they have got themselves and us into.......Grrrr!
  3. Now that the banks are mostly owned by the people ... they work for us! so sack the [email protected]@rds!
  4. I* thought they had always worked for us (at least the ones where we chose to keep our money) - hasn't exactly given us any control over them though has it?

    Dodgy bank charges, long queues, stupid working hours, holding onto our cash for longer than they should, delaying payments into our accounts due to holding onto other people's cash for longer than they should, snotty letters when we go overdrawn due to them pissing about with dodgy bank charges etc ...

    No wonder Bankers rhymes with ...
  5. Have you ever noticed that your Pension doesn't actually get credited to your account until 23:59 at the end of the day that the Pension people tell you it will be in your account. Now if the electronic BACS system pays it into your bank at 00:01 on the day it is supposed to be credited it goes nearly 24 hours before you can actually get your sticky mitts on it! So Question .... where does it go for those 24 hours? Likewise any salary pad in by BACS gets treated the same way!

    As yet the Banks are not state owned, therefore their sole purpose in life is to make money ... and they are raking it in hand over fist! It is my belief that they have worked the same sort of scam that Microsoft did with MSDOS ... make it "Industry Standard" so that most of the world was forced into using it and then just make the majority of programmes not work unless you upgraded when they brought out a new version ... The Banks have managed to do much the same by forcing people to use them - by making us move towards a cashless society (look at the Barclays Advert at the moment) - all you will have is a smart chipped bit of plastic and they will control everything ... and in the name of progress we have sat back and let them!

    If they are now after Billions to insure them against bad debt it's about time we curbed them in ... but is the alternative to make the Banks State owned which put them under the control of the politicians? And with this present lot of "Merchant Bankers" is that a wise move?
  6. The sad thing is that they believe that they are performing well enough to receive a pay increase at all!

    Something along the lines of "No win, No fee" should be introduced, i.e. if you can prove that you have made the bank money you will receive more in your pay packet. The problem over recent years is that if these people have brought business to the bank, even if that business will obviously not add to the coffers, a percentage bonus was paid. How many mortgages have been given to people who hadn't a hope of making the repayments, just so that the broker could earn commission?

    I have no problem with Barclays and HSBC paying bonuses, but those banks that have required tax-payer bail out should not be allowed to squander any public money on bonuses, no matter what position the bonus earner holds in the bank.
  7. How odd, my pension day has always been on the 20th of the month, it goes in at midnight on the 19th and is always available, it has been that way since 1979.
  8. Perhaps the Bankers should be told,as I was,"your pay will be frozen for four years,think yourself lucky you've got a job"- Civil Service 1986
  9. Bonuses must be paid to retain the best staff!! Or so those recieving the bonuses kepp telling us. How strange that it is the same numpties who oversaw the arrival of the current recession that stand to recieve yet more money.
  10. Nonsense. I am a pensioner and my pension goes into my bank every Monday. I can go and use the cash machine to withdraw it just past midnight ie. 00.01.
    It was the same with my wage which used to get paid in on the 22nd of each month.

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