Hard Decision!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by ConnorMcDougall, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. I need some help deciding on my choice of job in the navy. I am stuck between Chef and Supply Chain Logistician.
  2. It is tricky I admit; because you're as needy as a chef, but as annoying as a loggie.

    Decisions decisions.
  3. Tell us five things you would enjoy about being a Chef and five things you would enjoy about being a Supply Chain Logistician.
  4. Thanks for that comment, just to let you know I am only fifteen at the moment!!!
  5. well I would like being a chef because I enjoy cooking, it is an important job, it takes great skill to do, everyone is nice to the chef and for the experience in the job.

    For a supply chain logistician I would be in charge of all the supplys that the sub needs, I would have an important role to play, it would be good responsibility to have the job, It would help me be more orginised and the entire crew will be depending on me. :D :) 8)
  6. If you like cooking or have any talent in the galley best go loggie naval cookery course is the hardest course in the mob (to date no one has ever passed it)
  7. And you like starting fires? :lol:
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    It seems the only fair way of making the decision. If it lands on its side, go for the RAF.
  9. Ha! I must remember that one.

    Did you think of it yourself?
  10. overheard it in the scan que once ;-)
  11. Why Chef or Loggie? If you want an easy life them think about going ET (WE) as we are always in our pits But seriously why blinker yourself so early when you are only 15? My nephew is 15 and wants to join as a PTI (I have explained that he cannot as its sideways entry) but I have told him to try for officer and not undersell himself
    If you enjoy cooking then go for it and enjoy it. The navy has been good to me, I am a WE so have slept most of my career, but the qualifications I have now as I am about to leave after my full 22 are amazing and will hopefully set me upfor life when I finally walk out Nelson main gate.

    Good luck with your application when you tender it
  12. Glad to hear you've enjoyed WE (ET) as that's what my application is going through as :D
  13. On another thread you said you had experience of cooking stating
    " yes i have done three years of cooking at school and two years at collage. "

    Cut'n'paste, your words. I can understand 3 years doing cookery at school but the 2 years in college (or collage) doesn't compute if your only 15. Can you clarify as I'm a tad confused
  14. well in years three and four I took a course at collage to do cooking. :compress: :cyclopsani:
  15. Just the once? 8O Hmm, I thought it was almost every day, if not every meal... including night flyers!!!! :roll:
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So you did Art, too? :?

    Or perhaps you meant "college" (in which case, perhaps you should probably do English as well...) :shock: :wink:
  17. Look there is no need to be so cheeky about this, ok I might not be the best at spelling in the world!! but I have had a bad up bringing and i am now at a good school so hopefully I will progress from here.
  18. With a skin as thin as that you'll never make it as a cook. Go for Dusty, you can always hide in the blanket store if things get too rough. :wink: :chef:

  19. You're a fifteen year old FFS, so we're allowed to be cheeky, you impertinent young shaver. Anyway, hope you get your dreams realised. Chef is no mean trade. 8)
  20. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Your a Fifer, so your already doomed. If you were a posh Fifer from St Andrews thing might have been different, accept your fate. :wink:

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