Harassed gay man's £120,000 award

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. If it works try it, its free money
  2. I believe the company got what it deserved. It amazes me that people still think this kind of behaviour is appropriate these days. I hope they now take appropriate action against the employees responsible.

    On the other hand the size of the payout bugs me. He only worked them for a very short time. Give him something absolutely, up to six months pay perhaps, and then a hefty fine for the company on top. Just don't give it all to the claimant or it will just encourage everyone to jump on the band wagon and start making claims to chance their arm.

    Not all of these people are genuine cases and it cripples firms financially. These costs then end up back on us as the consumer.

  3. He found himself being subject to daily abuse in front of those whom he was managing

    Sounds like he needs to employ a more aggressive style of management, you can't let your subordinates get the better of you, gay, black, ginger or short with glasses, you must be able to take charge.
    Career change might be in order if he can't hack being a manager.
  4. In full agreement that he should have been treated better, however we do not know the full story. Did he come across at his interview as a strong willed leader of men? Did he then change to a limp wristed camp comic figure once employed?
    Many men (and I include myself) have no problem working with and for gay people. However I find it difficult to take a gay person who minces around and talks like a pansy seriously. If this was the case the management should not have employed him in the first place as managers need the respect of their workforce.
    As for the payout, well that was ridiculous.
    Just going to mince down to the job centre to see if I can get a pay out. :smile:
  5. The only mistake the company made was employing him in a sales managers role, for that sort of role you have to have a really thick skin which he obviously doesn't have...
    In every job there is banter between members of staff and that is one of the things that makes the job what it is. How many times have we all been subjected to verbal abuse whilst in the mob... You have to learn how to handle it and not wimp out (especially after only 8 days).
  6. No problem with that the law is the law, even when to some it may appear to have 4 legs and a tail like a donkey.

    What is pernicious is when someone who joins an organisation, knowing they are breaking the rules of that organisation, then later claim compensation for wrongful dismissal because they got the goalposts changed in Europe.
  7. The link has changed to:
    Personally I think the award was too high for the amount of daily harassment this guy received, but equally his employer has no excuse for their behaviour. I concur with the opinions of both SF & F169. Under the circumstances the award was understandable and as the company couldn't even be bothered to appear at the hearing, I do not think it should be reduced if as a result they subsequently appeal. However that might be unjust! Normally in cases like these the amount of damages is reduced on Appeal, though it is sometime increased.

    The level of damages in this case reflected his earnings and had a lower paid employee made a claim they would have received a great deal less. Personally I faced persistant daily bullying at work for some 10 years, though not becuase of my sexuality which I did not diclose, but presumably because I spoke with a "posh" accent whereas my protagonist's "posh" accent was so obviously make believe. My employer did nothing because they refused to accept that bullying took place, they were not the sort of employer where such things arose - a position still officially taken as staff surveys do not appear to show any. The reason is of course that staff distrust management - from bitter experience. Our in-house investigations have a reputation for being about protecting our employer from litigation rather than any genuine concern for the welbeing of its staff. The supposedly independent adjudicators always find in favour of our employer!

    In the case of CP Publishing they might have had a stronger case had they had the structures and paper proceedures to deal with harassment claims and then simply behaved like my employer!
  8. Thanks for your input Steve. Unfortunately the new link is not working.
    I believe that the company should have attended the hearing and cannot understand why it did not. I fail to see how someone who works for a company for only 8 days and is then sacked can sue for bullying though, seems to me that he just didn't fit into the organisation.

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