Happy Yorkshire Day

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dave_88, Aug 1, 2008.

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  1. Happy Yorkshire Day!!!!
  2. Rammit Northern Monkey!

  3. Southern Fairy!!!!!
  4. Was it today?

    My Yorkshire Jackdusty Killick mate kept quiet about it here. Have to remind him tomorrow in work. Does that mean he isn't 100% hardcore Yorkshire'ish?

    Should I start asking if his loyalties lie with Lancashire?

    Turncoat anyone?
  5. Maybe he's just been away from the county too long. Send him back for some rehabilitation forward slash punishment. If he is in fact a Lancastrian hand him in at your local police station.
  6. A great day indeed, and we've just had authorisation given on our own county flag! Its my birthday today, a good day for a Tyke to be born, and my youngest son has ordered me the new flag as a present, now all I need is a flag pole to fly it from! That will set the cat among the pigeons here in deepest Gloucestershire! :thumright:
  8. To everyone from God's own county... happy Yorkshire day!

    To everyone from Lancashire... *makes a rude gesture*

    To everyone else... happy Friday :p
  9. All together now -

    On Ilkley moor bah'tat, on Ilkley moor bah'tat, on Ilkley moor bah'tat (where the ducks play football).

    I can remember Bernard Cribbins singing that at the rugby league challenge cup final in 1987 when the fax beat the saints by a John Pendlebury drop goal.

    Proud to be a yorkshire man! :strong:
  10. I always learnt it as "Where the sheep go shopping"... must be regional differences!
  11. Yoccksheer, its Gods country, and hes f***in welcome to it.

    Shiny Shef, bloody Leeds, and all miserable yorkies from, may you cheer up. Still, could be worse, you could be from Hull......
  12. ...Last time I went to Yorkshire....it were closed!!!! Shame... :thanks:
  13. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Or the Yorkshire motto:

    Hear all, see all, say nowt
    Eat all, drink all, pay nowt!
  14. "From Hull.Hell and Halifax may the Lord preserve us"
    Only one good thing to come out of Yorkshire is the M62 west bound

    Now where is the bomb-proof bunker around here?
  15. There are hundreds of great little Yorkshire Commandments like that, this is one of my personal favourites

    "Never tell a Yorkshire lass you're unworthy of her - let her find out for herself"
  16. Just google - Yorkshire Airlines - puts it in a nutshell really!
  17. Lern t'speek t'Queens English mee owl flowah:-

    1. initot
    2. gizzit
    3. summat supeer
    4. gerrit etten
    5. gerartnit
    6. smarrer wee im
    7. ient gorrit
    8. azee giniter
    9. gizituz mester
    10. eez gooinoam
    11. astha gorrit reight
    12. isthimamin
    13. aberitinters
    14. purremineer
    15. ient erd nowt
    16. eeseseeantaddit
    17. itintin
    18. midadz gorrajag
    19. weerz gaffer
    20. guangit thiuan
    21. cannar lakeartwithi
    22. shut thi gob
    23. owzeeno
    24. amguin afuarthee
    25. eewont theer
    26. astha gorrit withy
    27. it dunt marra
    28. arthaguinart tuneet
    29. asthagorratena
    30. lerrim purrizaton
    31. asthagot thibouetson
    32. oowerreewi wurree weisen
    33. corfurus intmornin
    34. eesezitintis burraberritis
    35. summonems gorragerroff
    36. wiv gorra gerrum reight
    37. izmamsezhesnorrin
    38. narthenthee wotthaduwin
    39. estha seenim ont telly
    40. thalefter gerranewun
    41. eenose nowtabartit
    42. itworraperler
    43. berragerrontbus
    44. ee dernt purrized undawata
    45. lerrus gerrusands wesht
    46. ateldim burredint lissen
    47. asai alclowtthi ifthaduntgioer
    48. gerrarearry tergithianand weeit
    49. thawantstur weshthi eeroilsart
    50. thakan iftha wanster
    51. aswerdarn itworimitwa
    52. canthacum toaraouse tuneet
    53. wiv gorragerrus inbux
    54. eyupthee asthagouinon
    55. wotsthathintharupter
    56. thareight thanus
    57. arthiguin intertarn thisaft
    58. thas gorrit rongagean
    59. yerv gorra wotchitweeim
    60. armeni timeseva teldthi
  18. Odd but true! :bball:
  19. It is indeed God's Own county; because if the Lord chose to give the world an enema, Yorkshire is where he would insert the tube! :bootyshake:
  20. And as we are known to be tight......

    '' It the ever dus owt for nowt, allus doit for the sen ''

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