Great night on Saturday, we had 54 including 1 retired Air Commodore, and 2 retired Group Captains (one brought 3 original Trafalgar medals along from his vast collection, however not earned by himself) . The RNA National Chairman came along too, along with a number of RBL (ex Army). We also gave a donation to the local Sea Cadets to sponsor another Cadet to spend a week on the Royalist. Last years Royalist cadet gave a quick talk on his time aboard and coped well with the heckling of one particular drunken ex-stoker.

All in all it was a cracking night, Mrs JFH had far too much rum, wine and JD and fell asleep on the sofa, I put a quilt over her, she was fine.

Considering last year we were in the pub ready to see the manager and cancel due to lack of interest and in the 11th hour found a few more people this years event was fantastic. I can now relax and.......oh look, next year the 21st is on a Saturday, right, wheres the pubs phone number?

Emailed and booked next year :) anybody want to come along to deepest darkest Cambridgeshire? :)


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This year our Branch decided they they'd forego a formal Traf night and have a Pickle Night, despite none of them having a Scooby what it is all about! None of them attended the last one, manyears ago, where one guest complained about having one bowl and spoon for all courses, all night!

I'm toying with the idea of having a 'formal' Traf night for our very small but perfectly formed RNA Branch next year, followed by a 'open to anyone that wants to come' Pickle Night at another venue. Question is, am I up to it? Anyone fancy sunny Spain instead of darkest Cambridgeshire?

Yea I know - be careful what you wish for!!


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