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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by nearlytiff, Aug 29, 2006.

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  1. Everyone on this board loves/loved the Navy. I'm just wondering if this view is widespread or if only happy ex matelots visit this board.

    I'll explain my situation. I joined up in my late twenties determined to do my full 22 years, as a WEA in early 05. I left 10 months later convinced I was doing the right thing. My turning point was my sea drafts when I found that pretty much everyone was fed up, hated the service and was going to, or planned to leave. I enjoyed being at sea but understood where most people were coming from and didn't want to end up angry and fed up.

    Nearly one year on and I really miss it and are tempted to rejoin. Not sure if I'm looking back with rose tinted spectacles though.
  2. Why dont you join the RNR and get the best of both worlds...have a gander without jumping both feet in..if you really miss it that much you can rejoin again after!!
  3. I think a lot of us ex's were in at a different time where the overstretch was not as apparent and we had less real operational comitment.....truly "Grey Funnel Cruise Lines"
  4. I don't know jack sh1t but from what I gather in the RNR, the service has changed a lot in the past 15 years. I still hear bitterness over Options for Change, seemingly that has caused a lot of the damange apparent today.
  5. A lot of kids go through a rough patch when they first join. A lot of it is adjusting to the banter [which can be cruel] and finding yourself in a mess deck where the inhabitants are a pretty tight knit community.

    It gets better. Go and talk to your careers office, but be honest with them and they should be honest with you. You could also try for another branch.

  6. If you had to leave after such a short time then maybe a different direction is best for you. RNR might be ok for a part time laugh and bit of banter but might be better dedicating yourself to finding a real career. The crap that pisses people off rarely gets better, only worse, you can either let that slide off your back and get on with it or it will eat at you. The problem isn't really the job but how you deal with it. Whatever you do, good luck.
  7. if matelots didn't drip then they wouldn't talk to each other!!
    life in a blue one!
  8. I think you will find that if you were to rejoin (not as a Tiff as they have been binned) as an ET (WE) you will find that moral within our Department is back on a high as we now have Departmental manpower back. Sure we still have some of the old drips, but over all it aint a bad way to pay the Mortgage.
  9. My regret was leaving at LS2 (14 years) because the ex thought I'd wangled a draft within six months of tying the knot.
    Ended up going overseas for a lot longer in years...!
  10. I think everyone gets a downer about their job at some point. The RN has changed somewhat over the past years. What with all the places of conflict and not much time for run ashores. Still it is the armed forces, and thats what you sign on for. However saying that the good times outway the bad, the mates you make and the experiences you get are memories that will last forever.

    Dont leave it too late and be too old to rejoin if thats what you decide.....

  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The WE Department taking the moral highground? So, no drinking, smoking or shagging I guess - no wonder morale is rock bottom :) :) :)
  12. OK so I can't spell, but we are still OK. As for flag wagging - should you not be giving out Nav* log ins??? :wink: :wink:

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