Happy St. Patrick's day!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Jenny_Dabber, Mar 17, 2006.

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    [marq=left]Happy St. Patrick's day![/marq]

    Don't get too drunk will you :wink:

    Right, now the fun bit is over with, I thought I'd enlighten you all with the routes to this day. Pull up a pew, I'm about to spin you a gen dit :wink: ; (Don't all go up in arms about this, every one knows it different)

    All around the world St. Patrick ’s Day is celebrated as a tradition. Everything turns green, people dress up and one of the biggest Festivals is held in Dublin. But do we know the sole route to why this holiday is celebrated? Well let me share the story of St. Patrick with you all;
    St. Patrick was born a Briton under Roman rule - the exact location of his birthplace isn't known but it was either the north of England or southern Scotland. As a young boy it was said that he was taken during the raids by Ireland in the UK by an man named Niall, a famous king of Ireland whose son Laoghaire was later to play a large part in Patrick's mission to convert Ireland to Christianity.

    St. Patrick was of Roman decent, his mother and father were born into the Roman Empire. Patrick was then taken to Antrim, where he was sold to a local landowner called Meliuc, who put him to work as a shepherd. St. Patrick lived and worked as a Sheppard for 6 years before it was said he heard a voice, believing it to be god, comforting him and guiding him. Eventually Patrick found his way out of Ireland by ship, taking him all over Europe.

    Patrick studied his Christian faith at the Lerin Monastery, situated on an island off the Cote d' Azur. On completing his studies he returned to Britain as a priest. He remained in Britain until a voice came to him in a dream. He recognised it as the voice of the Irish, which asked him, "We beseech thee, holy youth, to come and walk once more amongst us." At this point, Patrick's purpose in life was revealed to him - he would share Christianity with the Irish.

    Upon returning to Ireland, he spread the word of his faith. This is how Ireland became a Christian culture (for those who are unsure, Ireland was a Druid population before hand), many stories tell of how he had used the 3 leave clover to explain ‘The father, the son and the holy grail’, whereas others believed him to have fled the snakes from Ireland into the sea.
    In 441AD, Patrick returned to Rome to pay homage to the new Pope, Leo I. He was given relics from Saints Peter and Paul to which on his return to Ireland, he placed in his new chapel at the Metropolitan See in Armagh.

    By the spring of 461 AD, at the age of 76, St Patrick was nearing his end. He died on March 17th after a long and fruitful life. To this day, St. Patrick’s resting ground is said to be in Downpatrick, Co. Down, but like many tales, we shall never know!
  2. Yeah! Happy St. Pat's Day to u 2 Jenny. From my time in the Old Dart I wuz always led to believe St Pat was in fact a Welshman. Bearing in mind there is still strong evidence of the Roman occupation where I lived, in buildings and names. I believe it was the Isca army that occupied the area I'm referring to. That aside it was the Druid bit that interested me as I thought Druids were exclusive to Wales and Druid style festivals are still held annually at the eistedford or thereabouts. They still dress up and all that but no big deal really. Luck o' the Irish to ya :)
  3. Right back at ya', J_D! Thanks for the history lesson. here in the states, St. Patricks' day is just an excuse to get hammered. (like we need one), not too many Americans know the origin. We tend to call it "amatuer night", because even the people who normaly behave themselves are out getting stupid. Makes for some interesting police reports.
  4. Ach, finished work at 11pm last night and headed off down Finbarr’s (Irish pub obv.) It was packed and some where in between I managed to swallow 5 pints of Guinness, which I won’t be doing again till next year :wink:

    However, pub kicked us out at 2am and we rolled onto a Greek music lounge thingy, attempted some bouzouki dancing and crawled home
  5. Why do so many people around the world claim to be or love the irish? All those Irish Americans for example!! If they love "the home country" that much why dont they go "home" to it and stop meddling in it from their side of the pond & would they know what a Lurgan spade or a barnbrack is? Stuff St. Patrick he's still causing divisions to this day.
  6. Ah well you see.............Kildare is miles from any where and I'd rather mix with the living rather than OAPs or kids.

    Plus mum wanted me in the UK.
  7. Fine Jenny, you've got Irish forebears, enjoy St Patrick's Day.
    I was in London last Sunday, though, and they were having a St Patrick's Day Parade there - for the 3rd time, I believe. Hyde Park, Park Lane, Piccadilly, Haymarket, down to Parliament and back to Traf Square. OK, fine - but has London ever had a St George's Day Parade? Is there one in Dublin? If a dozen English paraded around Dublin dressed in English things (whatever they might be) would they be welcomed or stoned?

    PS - at my secondary skool they had 'houses', like most I guess. I was in St Patrick's house - we were always crap at sports and at the bottom of the league academically. St David's were the smarty-pants, Georges the sporty types, and Andrew's, errrr, good at chess.
  8. for years the irish have been missunderstood, mistrusted and treated with suspicion now suddenly everyone wants to be irish, even the irish want to be more irish.
    Can anyone tell me what a lurganspade is? or why no other crisp tastes like TAYTO cheese and onion

  9. Yeah, on that bit about parading around Dublin in English gear, reminds me of 'Derry on a Sunday, when the pubs closed. A trip to Buncranna, phonetically speaking, meant civvies at the risk of being injured or, I believe, killed. I recall on one of my visits a poor barmen was killed because he refused to serve a very p****d customer any more booze. Still I like that black beer but never did ask for a black and tan,
  10. You say about dozens of English marching in Dublin being welcomed or stoned, well the biggest orange parade is in the Republic and year after year, not one sign of trouble. Even the policing is very relaxed for the event.
  11. We did have a bit of trouble of late when the Orange lot decided to hold a parade but I think the press exagerated the truth as usual.

    All parades you always get some brave piss head wanting to give sombody a good kicking.

    Yes we must return to the old country that they have never seen or been. Expecting to see the likes of John Wayne from the "QUIET MAN" and Maureen O'hara driving along in the old horse and cart. Totally gobsmacked when they see the luxury apartment blocks sprouting up all over the place.

    Paddy's Day parade was an eye opener that there Brazilian beauty was a delight to see on a cold day. Posted her in the gallery. I thought her and her mates where promoting Brazilian holidays I never spotted the footballers. Got an ear bender over that I can tell thee.

    Last year was a piss heads convention at the parade and the evening so this year the Gard where out in force.

    Laughable when they go on about these Saints even St George was a foreigner way they talk you would think he was born in Wigan!!

    If my memory is correct he was a Tribune in the Roman Army and hated the way the Romans treated the Christians. He was converted to Christianity, his boss man asked him politely to renounce his faith probably while ripping out his toe nails. He told him No so they took him outside and chopped off his head.

    Plenty of flag waving on St George's Day but ask Joe/Josephine Public who George was and they go like Manuel "I KNOW NORSSING"


  12. Best crisps EVER!!

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