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Happy St Andrews Day


War Hero
Thanks! Has it stopped raining yet?

There you go SB, how hot where you are?

weather forecast Glasgow, Scotland
Weather Detailed Forecast
Today 30 Nov Hi : Lo : -4° Partly Cloudy Wind 5 mph NW Humidity 82% Precip chance : 5%

  • Tomorrow 01 Dec Hi : Lo : -4° Clear Wind 8 mph NW Humidity 74% Precip chance : 2%
  • Sunday 02 Dec Hi : Lo : -3° Partly Cloudy Wind 4 mph W Humidity 83% Precip chance : 15%
  • Monday 03 Dec Hi : Lo : Showers / Clear Wind 9 mph W Humidity 90% Precip chance : 98%
  • Tuesday 04 Dec Hi : Lo : Partly Cloudy Wind 8 mph NW Humidity 85% Precip chance : 60%
  • Wednesday 05 Dec Hi : Lo : -2° Partly Cloudy Wind 8 mph N Humidity 83% Precip chance : 15%
  • Thursday 06 Dec Hi : Lo : -1° Light Showers Wind 8 mph WSW Humidity 87% Precip chance : 50%
  • Friday 07 Dec Hi : Lo : -2° Partly Cloudy Wind 7 mph NNW Humidity 65% Precip chance : 30%:party:

MG Maniac

War Hero
Never mind Glasgow Sumo. It was damn cold out here in the sticks last night .... -2 this morning! Not ideal as was involved in a man hunt last night ... 92 yr old has gone walk about and the police search teams wanted to go round our barn / stables / outbuilding and ditches! Unfortunately I dont hold out much hope for him now.

Presume you are off at midday as per usual ... 'kin part timer! :toothy10:


War Hero
Never mind Glasgow Sumo. It was damn cold out here in the sticks last night .... -2 this morning!

Presume you are off at midday as per usual ... 'kin part timer! :toothy10:

Kin cold and getting colder over next few days -3 yesterday -2 this morning, but glorious clear blue skies
Yes off in 1.25hrs

I am owed 19 hours holiday so just for good measure I will take of the next 3 Fridays and finish for Crimbo 11:00 20 Dec until 07:00 2 Jan 2013
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