Happy Pickle Night!


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Just back from setting up for our Pickle Night tonight. The venue looks really good - decked out in red, white and blue, with ensigns and flags etc, even a couple of huge lanterns with candles in. We have a small but perfectly formed RNA and shall have about 18 or 20 bums on seats later on.

It is so warm that I have had to relax the rig to include the option of shorts if so wished!

We are doing it the 'proper' way with one bowl and one spoon for each guest, using lovely fresh bread to clean out the bowl after each course, ready for the next course! Veg soup, beer and beef stew and apple crumble and custard - yummy! Did I mention the rum? And the Cava? Top tip, DO NOT make a rum and cava cocktail. I did this last year and lost several hours - came too half-way through my speech!

Even found the time to write down the words to several sea-shanties for the communal singing later on!!

Standy by for piccies tomorrow once the brain starts to function again!


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(Speaking quietly)....... Why do I not take my own advice? I told everyone present that making a large glass of ice cold cava and Pusser's at the pre meal drinks was not a good idea (learned from experience!) - so why did I have two? And Port. I know Port makes my head hurt, so, just why.....?

Anyway, a cracking night and we managed to raise 200 euros for both Riding for the Disabled AND Combat Stress.

Sorry Dapper, failed to negotiate the Nelson quiz!! Maybe next year!

I'll pop up some piccies later if I can get my phone to talk to my lappy!


Just wondered if anyone has a "Pickle night" format or dispatches available that they could email me as my association is planning a Pickle night this year.


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Well, it's that time of year again!

Anyone participating?

I had a cracking Trafalgar Night at HMS Flying Fox and now I'm back home, we are having a Pickle Night on Friday. Sadly, this year several folk are down with some serious stuff, so only about a dozen bums on seats this year - most of whom have never been to this kind of thrash before! So I have managed to recycle an old speech (and jokes!)

I'm doing French Onion soup and Spanish cheesy bread, Best British beef and stout stew then West Country apple pie and cream. There is even some alcohol available....... Everyone has been asked to wear fancy dress this year and I have even dusted off my call so I can pipe 'Hands to Dinner'!


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Our small (but perfectly formed!) Pickle Night was brilliant! Unfortunately due to illness and even a death, (we did offer to cancel out of respect) there were only 11 of us. All made the effort and dressed up as per Google pictures! We had a CD of sea shanties for a sing along and had written out the words from 'tinterweb - unfortunately the CD and our song sheets did not match!! My how we laughed! Despite there only being 11 folk, we screwed them out of raised 200 euros for charity, shared between Combat Stress and DKMS and presented to a worthy recipient.

My call was non RN and didn't work well, so I piped 'Call the Hands' rather than 'Dinner' and nobody was any the wiser!!


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A friend of my wife has just got a job as a deckhand on the HMS Pickle replica based in Hull.
She mentioned that she was going to Pickle Night on board so my wife gave her a few pointers (well, warnings really!) about the potential for over indulgence.

Not had a report back yet - wonder why? :D

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