Happy New Year to You All xxxxxxxxx

I add my wishess to you all.. may you and your loved ones be well

Remember its not what you do its the time taken that you spend with your loved ones and friends..
A gift of your time to talk and share is far more valuable than a wrapped gift.

treat each day as a gift and your life will always be happy.
Happy New Year to you all.
Happy Birthday to Chico.
May all our lads and lasses have a Happy and Peaceful New Year, and return to their loved ones unharmed, soon.

Bless you all,



Lantern Swinger
Happy newyear all! Ooohh my head! After guzzling down lager all night long my bezzer thought is was a good idea to drink a few glasses of my Drambuie on the side... BAD IDEA !!!!! Man ,that knocked me intstantly off my feet! After 24 year of professional alcoholism i should have known better!
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