Happy new year peeps


War Hero
Happy new year folks. We've already stepped into the giant unknown of 2012 down here, have a good one. May all your beers be the nectar of the Gods, all your feeds be banquets, all your dreams come true and all your sexual exploits be worthy of the silver screen.

Whatever you do, dont regret it.

Live the dream and stay safe.


Lantern Swinger
Likewise, I'd like to wish all and sundry a Happy New Year. I am off to the pub in approx an hour and therefore do not intend being particularly lucid when the bells ring!!

Stay safe, sail/fly/yomp well and all the very best for 2012!!!

Happy New Year to you all, especially rah-rah, gkowen, ScablifterHollie, plymlad and anyone else joining on the 15th. 38 years to the day since I went though the gates of Ganges. Keep your sense of humour, work hard and make the most of it. Its a grand life if you dont weaken. Keep us posted on how you get on. TS.
I'm cracking open a bottle of good bubbly I've been saving before the Family arrives [QC sherry for them!] so I'll toast you all with it and I'll raise a glass to our Forces where ever they are.
Have a good 2012 and make it prosperous and healthy.
Glass of Woods 100 in one hand, half of lager standing by to dampen down, just celebrated our first New Year in our new home, Son and daughter in law were with us. Warm glowing feeling all round which I wish to share with all my cyber communicants on RR.
A Happy and prosperous New year to you all. Special wishes to those of our company that have just had an unpleasant year, may this year bring you better things, whether it be health, wealth, happiness, or all three.
Cheers. (raises glass)

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