Happy Friday

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by paybobsquarepants, Apr 9, 2010.

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  1. Happy Friday to everyone!

    Its going to be a warm sunny summer here on the south coast. Just seen two rather fit young ladies bouncing down to Bournemouth beach in wetsuits.

    Surf's up!

    I just had to share it with someone
  2. seenoffteefcuk

    seenoffteefcuk New member

    lucky twat
  3. whitemouse

    whitemouse Supporters - GCM

    Thanks, just looking a a few beauties outside of my office window, alongside Mother Thames ....... :D (shame I'm having to work .... and I can't take advantage of POET's Day either .. :( )
    Quite a few female staff are also sporting summer clothing too .... even nicer ..... :D :D
  4. Gombear

    Gombear New member

    Thanks for that.
    Let us know the results of any further tottie spotting, with appropriately lewd description. :wink:
  5. Just waiting to find out who's getting the redundancy letters here!!!!!!

    Could be a Shite weekend!!!
  6. soleil

    soleil War Hero

    Fingers crossed for you, JFH.
  7. Thanks Soleil, just found out it won't be til Monday now!!! :(
  8. BFC_69

    BFC_69 New member


    The weather is amazing! Even Im struggling to frown today!
  9. K640

    K640 War Hero

    Nice weather? Haven't seen the sun all fcukin day!
    Although I suppose if it's not pissing it down it counts as good weather in Wales.
  10. Taloolah

    Taloolah Banned

    Was this while you were sat on the carousel by the pier? :lol: Thought I spied a pair of hairy legs....... 8O
  11. Backpacker1uk

    Backpacker1uk War Hero

    My eighteen year old dog died last Friday so today is not a nice day
  12. soleil

    soleil War Hero


    I am really sorry to hear that. I do hope that the pain of losing him/her will soon be replaced by happy memories of the good times you had together.
  13. WhiteRose

    WhiteRose New member

    Been a beautiful day here all day.

    I've had tits hanging off my fat balls...

    ...And robins pulling worms out of the lawn.
  14. 2badge_mango

    2badge_mango War Hero

    When did "Old Father Thames" undergo the sex change operation then? 8O :lol:

  15. pugfrom83

    pugfrom83 New member

    I would imagine the P.C. Brigade are behind this - the [email protected]
  16. seafarer1939

    seafarer1939 New member

    Went out this morning for my usual Saturday bottles of Broon and saw people with Parkas on wearing gloves,even saw a woman wearing a fur coat!
    Sometimes the Borders can be a cold hole but the scenery makes up for it.
    If the wind did not come off the mountains it would be perfect.
  17. Just heard I am safe!!

    (For the moment)

  18. lonestar

    lonestar New member

    mice one JFH, congrats
  19. soleil

    soleil War Hero

    Excellent News, JFH. Must be a big relief for you.

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