Happy Easter

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Joe_Crow, Jan 5, 2008.

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  1. :albino: On Boxing Day, my local Asda were selling Hot Cross Buns.
    :duckie: I've already seen Easter Eggs in the shops.
    :bunny: Have you seen Not me Chief's new avatar?
  2. Tesco, Morrison and Aldi, and no doubt others, sell "Hot" cross buns all the year round. Some people, like me, will buy them because they like them!
    Have you noticed that tomatoes are available in January?

  3. I like hot cross buns, the difference between current buns and hot cross buns is the bun spice used and it is not cheap.

    Happy Easter.
  4. Do they really? I had absolutely no idea! :w00t:

  5. One of my daughters works in a Co-Op warehouse here in Guzz, they were receiving Easter eggs well before the Xmas break.
  6. Gilded, nutty Easter Bunnies are on sale in Waitrose... spotted a couple last Saturday. I thought I had slept through 3 months and it was April!
  7. Is Waitrose any good ??.....we don't have them oop north, we regard M&S as our Harrods.
  8. I regard Betty's as the Northern Harrods! Harrods prices, Pauper's portions! :lol:
  9. Yes.....saved up to go in for a pot of tea a couple of times, was directed below stairs, having a psycho like me in the front window would frighten the tourists away. :thumright:
  10. Bettys in Harrogate is my favorite,has a certain timelessness to it.

    When does the conker season start?
  11. Is it Christmas yet?
  12. Don't be so stupid! There's 5½ months left before Christmas starts. :rendeer:
  13. Once again we see the death of a hard working friend of children everywhere.

    Will we ever learn!!


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