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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. What has happened here? The only posts of late seem to be about as motivating and happy as getting a letter from drafty explaining that your dream posting to Diego Garcia has been cancelled and instead you are being sent to a carrier to do BOST, immediately followed by a Gulf deployment.

    If it's not passed away relatives, or bezzy oppos with alcohol snags, it's young lads topping themselves or doom and gloom from the upcoming defence cuts.

    Lets get things back on track and cheer this place up a bit. Happy posts only on this thread please.

    Here is a pic of some Italian tart with really epic chebs to get things started.

    What makes you happy?
  2. So, the question is "What makes me happy?"

    Robbie Williams made me happy last night.
  3. Christmas makes me happy

  4. All places like this make me happy :eek:ccasion5:
  5. Now you're talking Sol, don't let the truth get in the way of a promising post - what did you and Robbie get up to?
  6. Really!?

    Didn't he just get married though?

    Shocking behaviour! :wink:

    I discovered this last night which I think more than qualifies for mega happiness:
  7. Hmm, what to do ? brushteeth
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I see your epic chebs and raise you a 2 pair of happy bouncers on a boat.

  9. [​IMG]

    I like learning something about things I didn't know I wanted. My mate just bought a new bike. Helping him out and looking on the internets for accessories, I have been sucked in to the magical world of comparative charts and x vs. x reviews.

    I'm happier than a pig in shit and just know that within a year I will have died on an inappropriately large Adventure bike, with a 'Long way round' book embedded in my anus and a brand new Bluetooth, streamlined helmet (with comms suite) rolling down the road . Is it just me, or can most men become obsessed with new toys within 24 hours?
  10. I certainly can I have just started the same obsession. Book a free motorbike ride here http://www.geton.co.uk/content/whats-it-all-about
  11. I am obviously sucked in further than you :oops:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought that he thought that he might be gay :oops:
  13. Yeah being reminded of H&H makes me mega happy too, they lost 3.5 million quid last year which means game on for me and my mob. :wink:

    Edited to add: The naming on that thing is shocking.
  14. :D They do appear to have sold their arse to the American market aswell.
  15. Getting into work and finding a nice cup of tea already on my desk made me very happy this morning.
  16. And you drank it? 8O

    I like finding biscuits in the cupboard that one has forgotten about

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