Happy Days

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ben_C, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. Well..

    What an eventful 2 weeks at HMS Raleigh.

    Just a little help post to everyone waiting to join or joining tomorrow!

    1st of all, be prepared to get shouted at by the Clubswingers. They absolutely love to give you a good bollocking for no real reason, such as fidgeting in the squad.

    2nd of all, if your fitness isn't up to scratch then be prepared to be fucked every minute of your 19 hour day. You get very few breaks, very few times to sit down and its very stressful mentally and physically. For example: mile and half run, easy on a tredmill and easy when you do it on your own.. not when you have 59 other people running around you, PO's and PTI's shouting at you and a lovely sandy asto turf to run on. Swin test? well that was easy tbh. Circuit training, what fun! you'll be fucked if you don't get to bed at half 10. Don't **** about, get your head down and be up atleast 30 minutes before muster.

    3rd, listen to what your divisional instructors tell you. If you don't you will end up in shit.

    4th, its not actually that hard if you get things done. If you're tired, then don't sleep, get up, get down the 4 sets of stairs to the laundry room and do some work. Get to know how to iron before you go, get to know how to plan your time.

    5th, relax! everyone is pretty friendly in your 1st week but you'll get the odd PO's and Chiefs that just want to make your life hell.

    Anyway, i'm bored now and have some ironing to do.

    Good luck to those who are going tomorrow and those that are going in the next few weeks.

    Very fun experience if you realise at the start; IT IS A GAME! NOTHING IS GOOD ENOUGH! NOTHING WILL IMPRESS ANYONE. If you do not get a bollocking for something, that means you have done well. DO NOT EXPECT THANKS OR PRAISE FOR ANYTHING.

    2nd week is a laugh, days are long, weeks are short. 3rd week starts tomorrow and its happy days.

    You'll love the MAA at Raleigh, legend of a guy.

    I'll leave you with a favourite quote of his:

    'Let me spin you a dit..'
  2. "Good 'ere innit?"

    Great guy, can't walk past him without breaking into a grin. He's a different person when you're in the shit though (one of our class got on his bad side).

    Glad you're enjoying it Ben, Pier Cellars at the end of week 3, started working on your sketch then? PM me your division - will have to meet up. Going into week 8 now - it's so true that the days drag but weeks fly.

    Keep smiling - that's the best way of getting through Raleigh.
  3. You sound as if you're enjoying it guys, it certainly brings back memories and I hope you look back on it as fondly as I do.

    First of all they break you down, get you to work together and build you up, and when you leave you'll be the best class they've ever had.

    Crack on lads, enjoy.
  4. Have a look out for a dear freind who shall probably be called " seaman fountain" ( i hope hope you get that! ) so hi from rich for me

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