Happy days at Weymouth

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by scouse, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. YouTube remembering the Terminus pub, all those hip records on the jukebox:toothy10: and the holiday makers cars floating under the harbour bridge on a spring tide
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Can't get link to work mate
  3. seems to be Okay from my end!! Weymouth Harbour Branch (Quay Tramway) a film by Fred Ivey
  4. The Terminus. Now sadly gone. Best jukebox this side of anywhere! The trains missed all because I popped in for a 'swift half' before the train!

    Next stop Aggies for a bed for the weekend!

    My all time favourite Weymouth boozer was the Globe. With Sooty the barman and his closing time stick, aka base ball bat. Saturday mornings would start with a woods rum and Polish Pure Spirit with a pint chaser!!! Halcyon days, now no more!!!!:blank:
  5. Contradiction in terms "Happy Days" and "Weymoth" surely .... Oh hang on ... thats where I took the ex Mrs MG's front tooth out ... perhaps its right!
  6. was when you were in approved lodgings,and not on work up:blob4:
  7. Its a long and complicated story ... :toothy10:
  8. As a non WAFU I have to say I loved Weymouth and Portland, partly due to the amazing, and possibly illegal, acts that Caroline from Bristol let me indulge in when I met her there a couple of times. Almost as bizarre was 'Jumpin' Jimmy Thunder', a mentalist Elvis impersonater who dressed as a sort of Jack the Ripper character, oh, and a chicken at times, in a smallish pub (may have been White Lion or Hart or similar) in the 80s. Or maybe that was the alcohol and it didn't really happen.
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  9. Only been there once and that was on a boat for Portland Navy Days. I enjoyed it.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Jumping Jimmy, part time binman full time Rock Star.

    Golden Eagle?
  11. Wrong colour, wrong creaturre, but I was close!

    That'll be the chap. Thanks janner.

    I really miss Weymouth as I remember it. There and Gib is just about all I miss from my time.
  12. Thankfully Portland and Osprey were closed before I joined up and therefore had the misfortune to ever work there. I did however have to join a ship there once, Weymouth is a hole.
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  13. I fuckin loved Weymouth.
    Had some brill times there and revisited quite recently.
    The joy of hanging septics to the railings outside the "steering wheel club", or taking home that little surprise to the mother-in-law, live crabs.
    The Victoria bars on a Tuesday night were ace and a great place to trap Hippie/beatnik hug a tree types who protested against all except love, which they mistakenly thought shagging was part of.
    The Pontins over 18 holiday camp at Lulworth cove was throbbing with lets shag a sailor for a memory types.
    Osprey was one of the most casual bases I ever went in, and the Wafus who "assisted" in internal security exercises were so bombed out they were almost a vacant lot.
    The boot-necks didn't seem to know or care what was happening at any given time and apart from the positioning of patrol headquarters opposite the greasy spoon not so good for getting big eats when pissed, all was great.
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  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

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  15. The Vicki bars ,but not as we know it...

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  16. Didn't spend a great deal of time in Weymouth confined to the usual BOST etc ... Weymouth on a wet winter Sunday afternoon was dank ... Seem to remember the train into Weymouth going down the centre of the road ... Remember the Black Dog and the Harbour Lights(???) and a couple of pubs just outside the dock gates who's names escape me.

    Work took me back a couple of times since (pre Olympics) and I didn't recognise the place although I was working in that dance hall place at the Portland end of Chessil Bank ... and yes it was still freezing cold and p*ssing down!
  17. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    In 51/52 I used to frequent the Prince Albert. An old fashioned pub behind the seafront. Had a soft spot for the daughter of the house June. Where did those 60 years go ?
  18. Had many a work up there, did WE projects at the eloquent Egdon Hall 96 before it closed and we moved to Scabby wood in 97, have some good memories of good runs in service, bar in Portland square was Vicky bar (Victoria Hotel ) last time I saw it pre Olympics it was a pool club with no ale licence, I did 8 year in Weymouth as a civvy 03 to 11managed to escape before Olympics, still liked it there even when sober, it keeps some of that old fashioned holiday seaside charm, probably due to crap roads in, trains used to go down the sea front to what is now the ferry port but stopped years ago.
    I saw the senior rates mess stripped back to the main support frame and turned into flats and apartment's overlooking the old air base, the base sports hall and swimming pool handed over to the local council.
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Weymouth is now best described as a Shite Hole, masses of empty shops the number of which grows on a daily basis.

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