Happy Christmas: Government Style...

I was at MoD from 1989-2003, and ALL our office parties were paid for by the staff, on a sliding scale depending on our pay grade. When I arrived in May 1989, the first thing I was asked was did I want to buy a raffle ticket for the Xmas draw ! Having said that, our branch used to have the best Party in each of the 4 buildings I worked in, as the security guards told me in 3 buildings "It's the only one the guards all go to" - they were the best judges. And we were in buildings that no minister ever set foot in, let alone inhabited, so the powers that be never interfered with our fun. Had some cracking dos, always enlightened by the retired Navvy from DNI propositioning the higher graded females, and me having to come to their rescue ! As I once (and only once) said "Roderick's only saying aloud what I'm Thinking Boss". SLAP !

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