Happy Birthday


War Hero
....."Three huzzahs and a double bumper for Royal on the red coated buggers birthday!!" roared Lucky Jack Aubury as he quaffed his post mutton, quail and oyster pie flaggon of small beer.
"Indeed Captain, His Majesties Jollies are most indubitably blessed this day. 'though I warrant that once Boney and his cronies are finished the need for a Corps of Marines and dare I say it a Navy will be most closely exmined by the Members of the Palace of Westminster as the Nation forgets so soon the sacrifices of it's finest" replied Maturin as he reached for his violin.
"Aye Stephen, a pox on the whoresons!" mused Jack as he turned to bellow towards the cabins galley "Killick, bring on the stilton and port my good fellow...Killick! Damn his eyes where is the jackanapes!"

From 'The Tattered Ensign of the Blue mainmast.' a recently unearthed unpublished manuscript.

YOu mean Master and Commander to the kids.


War Hero
The salt tang of the spray over the coaming washed away from his mind the memory of the disaster that was the raid on Al Bachkir, as 2nd Lt Peter Davidson-Smythe RM stared out from the bridge of the Fairmile 'D' MTB, with it's load of battle hardened Royal Marines, as it sped towards the coast of France on what he hoped would be his redeeming Commando action.
His thoughts turned to his fiance, Daphne, a Leading WREN telex typist at Deal and he recalled with a stiring in his Battledress trousers their weekend in the ghastly B and B at Dover as Mr and Mrs Buffington....

Taken from '45 Seconds to imminent death' the latest bestseller from Douglas Reeperson

edited once by NZB.

Ghastly indeed. Poor Daphne, sweet innoncent thing that she was, hadn't even heard the phrase "twos up" till that evening in the B & B...

"Gentlemen, the Corps"