Happy Birthday


War Hero
The harbour city of Sydney is in party mode right now as it celebrates the 75th birthday of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The war of words is there with who did what but although Sydney needs no excuse for a P/U this is very special. To the thousands who use " the bridge " every day it's no doubt taken for granted and perhaps complained about with the toll and congestion but in their hearts real Sydney siders love " our bridge ".
Before the introduction of regular flying the " bridge " was a welcome sight for tourists arriving by sea and residents coming home after a spell away. Always a pleasure to see by the S/M 4 lads the " bridge " was a sure sign you were in port and the bright lights of Sydney town beckoned. Unfortunately I am not in the big smoke at the moment but I sure wish I was. It will be one helluva big party as only Sydney can do it I'm sure many former S/M 4 chaps will have happy memories and say happy birthday to the " old coathanger " , I do for sure. :grin: :grin: