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Happy Birthday


Happy birthday Nutty , will you be having a few wets this evening , if so , have a good one mate :roll: :lol:
janner said:
Happy Birthday Nutty and may the next 70 be as good as the first 70 :lol:

Only another five to catch up with you then Cock Swine.

Nutty xxxxxxxx :p

Shit I have posted on the wrong Forum sorry J-D
Ooooh, All the best people are born on the 25th of July :-D

I think I got home around 0600 this morning lol

Happy Belated Birthday Nutty :)

Deleted 7


Nutty, always remember; your as young as the woman your feeling
Its time to celebrate your birthday,
it happens every year!
We'll eat a lot of broccoli,
and drink alot of beer!

You should be good and happy,
for there's so much you can eat,
a million people everyday,
are starving in the street!

Your daddy's in the gutter,
with the wretched and the poor,
your momma's in the kitchen,
with a can of Cycle-4*,

There's garbage in the water,
there's poison in the sky,
I guess it wont be long,
until we're all gonna die!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!

Whats the matter little baby?
Think this party is the pits?
enjoy it while you can,
we'll soon be blown to bits!

Those monkeys in the pentagon,
are going to cook our goose,
their fingers on the button,
all they need is an excuse!

It doesnt take a military genius to see,
we'll all be crispy critters after world war 111!
There's no where you can run to,
no where you can hide,
when they drop the big one,
we all get fried!!!

(come along boys and girls! sing along, O.K?)
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!

Well, there's a punk in the alley,
and he's lookin' for a fight,
there's an Arab on the corner,
buying everything in sight,
there's a mother in the ghetto,
with another mouth to feed,
seems like everywhere you look today,
there's misery and greed!

And I guess you know the earth,
is going to crash into the sun,
but that's no reason why we shouldn't
have a little fun!

So if you think it's scary,
and it's more than you can take,
just blow out the candles,
and have a piece of cake!!

Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to you!!

-"Wierd" Al Yankovic- *Cycle-4, dog food.

Happy belated, Nutty.
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