Happy Birthday To WreckerL

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SJRM_RN, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. Happy birthday WreckerL, all the best buddy and have a good one!!
  2. brushteeth:eek:ccasion7::eek:ccasion4::ky::hungry:
  3. WreckerL - you should have said! Hope you have had a super day!

  4. Wrecker,


    Hope you've had a nice day.

  5. Happy Birthday mate!!
  6. Happy birthday.:eek:ccasion7::eek:ccasion7::eek:ccasion6::eek:ccasion6::eek:ccasion4::eek:ccasion4::eek:ccasion4:
  7. Felic cumpleanos......and you should be grateful you 'cumpleanod' so many years!
  8. Thank you everyone (I've no idea what your on about Sussex but ta anyway), working my way through a bottle of 'ski at the moment and one year 'til I go index linked on the pension, unless the government decide otherwise!!!
  9. Sorry it's late but Happy Birthday!!
  10. Tried to ignore this on Farcebonk by coming in here. Failed, obviously. Happy birthday old chap...29 again...oh how the years fly by!
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Happy birthday mate
  12. Many Happy Returns, Wrecks.

    LP Blower running and ventilation lined up to give you a biggy assist with all those blazing candles.:wink:

  13. :pissedoff:And a grudging happy birthday from me too.:pissedoff:
  14. Ta everyone, I'll try and blag a wet out of Polto at the SM2 re-union tomorrow. I've never got one out of him in the last 15 years so it must be time (I bet he shoots through)
  15. Buy yourself a lottery ticket. The chances of winning are better than Polto buying a wet.

  16. Proof that evil people go unpunished and live a long time. Happy birthweek, I suppose.
  17. There's a reason why I became a sun dodger with a fear of running water!!
  18. Wipe your chin you drooling sundodger!

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