Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by golden_rivet, Dec 3, 2006.

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  1. [​IMG][/img]

    Lots of love from the rivet XXXXXXXXXXXX

    +1 .......don't get too drunk....lovie.
    on second thoughts go wild :D :D :D
  3. I dont suppose we will see her till tuesday then!Happy Burfday Josie!
  4. Happy Birthday Jos

    It's Monday morning and your headache should be getting better by now. :idea:

    Hope that you had a great party.

    Bergs :lol:
  5. what are you planning for next year - hip hip hooray xx
  6. thanks guys,,, your all so sweet
  7. Happy Birthday JC... try to limit yourself to only one bottle of RUM tonight dear... :)
  8. She had a wonderful time , & Bruce Springstein provided some of the music so we had a couple of dances to him , we'll do the same next year ok Josie , see you later , 8)
  9. Ditto ......

    So you are a girl then JC ........... ???

    Andym .... How dare you lead us all astray!!
  10. yes thanx Moojucie! im a girl,,have always been one,,,, well was the last time i checked any way,,,,,,,,
  11. Shall we post piccies of us in our convent school uniform Josie!!!
  12. I m sure higgy would love to see them!
  13. I`m sure we all would.
  14. definitely :wink:
  15. Don't encourage them GR. Hig is far too delicate to be looking at phots of that nature! He might keel over or something.
  16. here you go hig,guess which one is Rosy and which one is Josie!

  17. Oi Andy, my grandmother's standing in the back row (the one in the middle). Surely Rosie wasn't at the same Plymouth Convent school in the 1910s?! 8O
  18. Josies the one with the dog collar and Rosy`s hiding behind the curtains
  19. Me being an ailourophilia young Lady ....... I wanna see too!!
  20. More on Ailurophilia and the dangers of ailurophiliac matelots like Moojuice and Rosie from the Hitchicker's Guide to the Galaxy, 401st edition (2002).

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