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Happy Birthday to Blackrat!


War Hero
It's Blackrat's birthday today. He won't be able to see this thread as this is his time of year for going off and looking ever so slightly ally for a few weeks, but never mind, we'll celebrate without him.



I have never thought of 'hanging out of the back of a cadet' as a particularly Ally look; however I wish him well with his birthday and hope that he brings my van back steam-cleaned as usual.


War Hero
I'm not wishing the cnut a HAPPY BIRTHDAY if he can't be here for it. Fook I just did.

Looking Ally more like a white version of George Foreman


War Hero
Happy Birthday you big baldy cnut :D

Have a good one when you get the chance and you've finished being all ' ally ' etc ;)


War Hero
Camp apperars to be the operative word. 8O
Have a good one Blackrat even if you are Duty Beauty
Blackrat - Tough being the Duty-Beauty on your Birthday - But that's life in a KHAKI Suit :wink:

(and it probably kept you out of mischief anyway. :twisted: )

(BTW - When your Cadets have any spare time please get 'em out looking for any recent interments; J-D & Bro. are still unaccounted for.)



War Hero
2badge_mango said:
Happy Birthday Blackrat. :)
You must be nearly catching up with Jesse and me. 8O

:( Yeh, but I did not have the forsight to keep my Guy MItchell 78's. :cry: They must be worth quite a few sheets as collecters items by now. :cry:


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Yep. I'm back. Many thanks for your kind words you bunch of swingers. I'm flattered, i really am. Now, where are my presents?
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