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Twelve Moscow State University journalism students posed in lingerie for a calendar to congratulate the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, on his 58th birthday.

The BBC report

To be honest, I have to congratulate Mr Vladimir Putin's PR team. Despite the human rights controversies of Anna Politkovskaya's murder and the arrest of Yukos Oil Company CEO: Mikhail Khodorkovsky for questionable fraud and tax evasion; the people still profess to 'love' him as Prime Minister.

On the face, it looks innocent enough. His PR team have given him an "action-man image", but when they start making pop-songs about him, that's when the little grey cells start to work. It appears far too much like a chapter out of 1984 to me, and is comparable with the subliminal pro-Big Brother messages played to the proletariat through digital pop-songs.
Re: Happy Birthday, Mr Putin! - The Serious Discussion Threa

That nice Mr Putin remember the Kursk?? :roll: :roll: 12 Aug: Goes on holiday hours after sub sinks
14 Aug: Receives report from Navy chief
16 Aug: Makes first comment on disaster, and orders navy to accept foreign help

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